Managing Justin Bieber

Scooter Braun's Jewish values keep the teen celebrity grounded. An exclusive.

Michael Scott and You

What we can learn from The Office’s Michael Scott.

The Finkler Question

The Man Booker Prize winning novel raises important questions about Jewish self hatred and anti-Semitism.

The Green Hornet

If you think that the Green Hornet looks like a mindless action movie, you’d be unfairly judging a book by its cover. Or a movie by its poster.

The King’s Speech

The film may be about royalty, but its message is for the everyman.

The Fighter

Mark Walberg’s new film isn't about boxing. It’s really about family.

127 Hours

What we can learn from Aron Ralston's harrowing ordeal.

Maccabeats Rewrite Musical Expectations

YU a cappella group atop Billboard charts, adored by media.

The True Magic of Harry Potter

It's character, not wizardry, that counts.

Doc Brown was Wrong

After re-watching Back to the Future, I realized that we actually can change our future.


What would your life be like if you lived forever?


Everyone needs meaning. Even villains.

War and Remembrance

A review of Herman Wouk’s epic WWII miniseries.

Ferris or Cameron?

After watching John Hughes’ 1986 classic Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, I gained some new perspectives.

The Social Network

The genesis of Facebook has its source in the Book of Genesis.

Jews and American Songs

A review of A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs by David Lehman.

A Film Unfinished

The contemporary relevance of a discarded Nazi propaganda film.

Amare Stoudemire's Jewish Roots

The importance of learning about your heritage.


While some musicians are boycotting Israel, others like Jethro Tull aren’t. Maybe our “playcott” campaign is working after all?

Inception: In Your Dreams

The Kabbalah of Christopher Nolan’s new film Inception.

Is Spider-Man Jewish?

Goldman, Lipman and Spider-Man: All Jewish names.


How to hype up your life.

A Simple Song for Israel

Israel stands for Peace.

Music to Terrorists’ Ears

Some musicians are boycotting Israel in response to the flotilla. Our response: a Playcott.

Law and Order

My brush with TV stardom taught me that there’s very little reality in television.

South Park, Serious Funny

Comedy Central muzzles free speech in fear of offending Islam.

Zacharia’s Beautiful Mystery

The worldwide release of a hot new CD – right here on

Ani Yehudi

One American family united the people of Israel through song.

The Hurt Locker

Do we have to risk our lives to feel alive?

Avatar: Bad Guys and Good Guys

Whose side are you on now?

Avatar and the Jews

The connections with Torah and Hebrew words are just too frequent and striking to be accidental.

Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger captured adolescence's anxiety, defiance and desperation for identity and love.


The Jewish people have been “unplugging” once a week for millennia.

Up in the Air

Jason Reitman’s new film got a bunch of well-deserved Golden Globe nominations, but it is also a little depressing.


Surprisingly, James Cameron’s new blockbuster taught me a lot about myself.

The Princess and the Frog

Despite the magic, it is character that prevails.

Scrooge Season

Mankind should be our business.

Bungle In the Jungle

Delving into Jethro Tull's song on life.

This Is It?

Michael Jackson’s farewell movie is a hit, but it also provokes some difficult questions.

Bernie & The Godfather

Two contemporary morality tales convey the same important message.

Diary of a Wimpy Writer

Do you know what your child is reading?


Here they’ve come to save the day...Jews in the comic industry.

A Serious Man

If only the Coen brothers were serious.

Julie and Julia

Meryl Streep's new film reminded me to chew my food a little longer, and enjoy it a little more.

It’s A Wonderful Life

The film's powerful Rosh Hashanah message.

Moving on UP

The film "Up" teaches a lesson about not being afraid of life's new challenges.

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino's new movie made me wonder what Jewish "vengeance" should look like.

The Soloist

Reporter Steve Lopez thought he found a story in Nathaniel Ayers. What he really found was a friend.

Star Trek and God

Sci-fi fun often ignores the tough questions about human existence.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to God

You need to find the right question for the answer to make sense.

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