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Rabbi Boruch Leff

Boruch Leff is a rebbe, an author of six books and a lecturer. Contact him at: sbleff@gmail.com.

Me, A Zaidy?

I cringed inside every time my granddaughter called me Zaidy.

Parsha: Are All Men Created Equal?

A healthy society needs boundaries and limits.

Parsha: Sabbatical Year: Unraveling the Torah's Authorship

The laws of Shmita provide compelling evidence that a human being did not write the Torah.

How Jury Duty Prepared Me for Rosh Hashanah

I thought jury duty was going to be waste of time. Instead it changed my life.

Parsha: Cells of One Organism

Every Jew is part of Klal Yisrael, the Jewish nation.

Parsha: The Strong into the Hands of the Weak

Why Chanukah celebrates the miracle of the oil and not the miraculous military victory.

Dying with Faith

My father gave us the most important speech of his life.

Parsha: Is the Torah Anti-Semitic?

Who would write such negative, detrimental, and destructive descriptions of the Jewish people?

Parsha: If Dogs Could Talk

Seeing versus hearing – which sense would you choose?

Parsha: Miracles Don't Really Matter

How could the Israelites worship the Golden Calf?

Parsha: Permission to Protect

What you see is what you get.

Parsha: Act, Don't Just React

We sit around being armchair presidents and prime ministers.

Parsha: You Are What You Own

Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg on the Jewish view of possessions.

Neil Armstrong’s High Holiday Lesson

Ten words that changed the world.

Climbing Mount Washington

In a matter of minutes, I went from feeling hero to fool.

Parsha: Let's Not Let Passover Pass Over

Let's Not Let Passover pass over

Debt Ceiling and Tisha B’Av

Raising our personal debt ceiling for tolerance and peace will bring down the spiritual debt of our nation.

Will We Remember Leiby in a Month?

How to make a permanent change for Leiby's memory.

Turning 40

For my 40th birthday, I decided to dream again.

Facing the Music

A year after my mother's death, I couldn't bring myself to listen to music again.

Dealing with Death

Death ends a life, not a relationship.


How to hype up your life.

Correcting Our Vision

Why did God create so many of us with faulty vision?

Deep Water Test

The secret to making lasting changes.

Parsha: God At The Crossroads Of Our Lives

Parsha: Shmini Atzeret: Simcha Without the Sukkah?

Parsha: The Shema, Our Emotions, and Our Commandments

Parsha: Facing Death Properly

Parsha: Capital Punishment and Curbing Crime

Parsha: Do Animals Have Rights?

Parsha: Parenting Advice

Parsha: Following the Rabbi's Lead

Parsha: God's Love for Us

Parsha: The Pursuit of Happiness

Parsha: Status as a Symbol

Parsha: Is Competition Healthy?

Parsha: A Personal God

Parsha: Loud Libraries

Parsha: Children and Sacrifices

Parsha: Exile and Its Egregious Effects

Parsha: Appreciating the Process

Parsha: Remembering Sinai

Seeing the profundity, logic and beauty in Torah.

Parsha: It's Not Really the Thought That Counts

Parsha: Give War a Chance

Parsha: Success That Hurts

Parsha: Killing With Love

Parsha: Learning how to lead

Parsha: Shavuot: The 'Weekest' Link

Parsha: The Rewards of Having a Rabbi

Parsha: It's a meaningful life

On the importance of toiling in Torah.

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