Pletzel Recipe

A very oniony flatbread.

How This 6 Generation Bread Baker Brought Back Israel’s Ancient Grains

How Hagay ve’ha lehem is turning old grains into new breads.

Why Shouldn’t We Eat Whatever We Want?

Understanding the spirituality of eating kosher.

A Short Jewish History of Morocco

Discovering the greatest gift of the Moroccan Jews.

Why Do We Fast?

The connection between tragedy and fasting.

Middle Eastern Lentils and Rice

Whether you call it Mujadara or Kichri, we have the recipe.

Almond Mandel Bread

Mandelbrot means “almond bread” in Yiddish.

Lox & Schmear Jew-shi Roll

Why we think sushi is totally Jewish!

What is Shifka?

The origins of one of Israel's most unique foods.

Shifka Pepper Spread Recipe

The Israeli condiment you need to try.

Biblical Foods are Making a Comeback

Going back to a 3500 year old diet.

Ashishim Pancakes

Now you can eat like King Solomon in your own home.

Israeli Food is so Jewish, Here’s Why

The foods that make up the Israeli cuisine tell the story of the Jewish people.

How Jewish Latin American Chefs are Redefining Jewish Food

Discover the beauty of Latin-American Jewish Fusion.

Potato Spinach Fongos with Cheese Recipe

Try this perfect example of Latin American Jewish fusion.

Harissa Honey Bagel Recipe

A Jewish twist on the viral Sriracha Honey Bagel.

The Japanese Everything Bagel Spice Recipe

Furikake meets everything bagel spice in my Jewish Japanese kitchen.

How To Stock A Jewish Pantry Wherever You Live

What these pantry staples say about the most well-traveled cuisine.

Baked Brik Recipe

A healthier, easier version of this traditional deep fried pastry.

Sounds of Silence - The Jewish Secret to Mindful Eating

How moments of silence can impact your entire meal.

How Instagram Brought Back This Nostalgic Soup

Borscht is making a comeback, here’s why.

BBQ Bourbon Cheese Kugel Recipe

Bring your Ashkenazi ancestors to your Fourth of July picnic with this fusion dish.

Jews and Jello Molds

The perfect symbol of American Jewry is a red, white and blue jello mold.

Black and White Cookies Recipe

The nostalgic cookie that’s going mainstream.

Sweet and Sour Borscht Recipe

My Russian Grandmother’s secret ingredient for the best borscht.

Bourekas vs Knishes, The Ultimate Pastry Showdown

How are Israeli bourekas different from Jewish American Knishes?

14 Jewish Ideas That Will Actually Keep You Healthy

How Maimonides’ medical writings can help you lose weight.

The Weird and Wonderful Foods of Star Wars Made Jewish

Delving deeper into iconic Stars Wars foods.

Hamin Macaroni Recipe

Traditional Sephardi summer shabbat stew.

Manischewitz Jello Mold Recipe

A red, white and blue dessert to celebrate freedom.

Chicken and Potato Sofrito Recipe

Sofrito is a unique Jerusalem Sephardi dish of meat and potatoes.

Biscotcho/Kahk Cookies Recipe

Learn to make the well known sephardi cookie.

Curb Your Enthusiasm! You Won't Believe Larry David's Favorite Sandwich

The Larry David sandwich is the most Jewish sandwich you can get.

The Larry David Sandwich Recipe

A toasted bagel with white fish salad and all the fixins.

Change the Pace of Your Busy Life Through Foraging

Foraging helps you slow down, get in touch with your senses and connect with the land.

Milk and Meat: A Deeper Look at the Biggest Jewish Food Hang-up

Discover the mystical and spiritual reasons to keep milk and meat apart.

What Are Blintzes and Why Are They Jewish?

The history of blintzes and how to make them yourself.

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