Why Is Challah Round on Rosh Hashanah?

When the New Year Comes Back Around, So Does This Special Challah!

What Is The Significance of The Challah Cover?

Explore the meaning behind the custom of covering challah at the Shabbat table.


The Jewish holiday sweet stew staple.

Bagels, The Ghetto, and Yom Kippur: A Journey into the Bagel’s History

Discover the story behind the beloved bagel, and how it served Jews even in their darkest moments.

Homemade Bagels

How to make your own NY style bagels.

Speaking Words of Wisdom

How to use meal time to bring heaven and earth closer.

Gefilte Fish Recipe

How to make your own gefilte fish from scratch.

Apple Crumble Cake

This simple apple crumble cake is the perfect start to a sweet new year.

Plantain Kugel

A Caribbean adaptation of the classic Ashkenazi potato kugel.

Jerusalem Kugel

How to make the iconic Ashkenazi kugel from Jerusalem.

Stuffed Onions

Rice stuffed onions with harissa, fresh herbs and goat cheese.

Cardamom Saffron Infused Honey

How to make a uniquely flavored honey.

Stuffed Cabbage with Sauerkraut (Holishkes)

This Ashkenazi Jewish staple will be your new favorite comfort food.

2-Ingredient Cheesecake Milkshake

You won’t believe the secret ingredient in this tasty treat.

David’s Shlishkes

The Hungarian potato dumpling you’ve been missing out on.

Golden Turmeric Lemon Cake

A healthy vegan cake with a story.

Kenden Alfond Finds Culinary Inspiration from the Talmud

Honoring women-focused narratives with thoughts and recipes.

Pickles: Behind The Brine

The story of the pickle and how it went from a Jewish necessity to a delicacy enjoyed around the world.

Kosher Dills

Make your own pickles.

Mexican-Style Gravlax with Cilantro and Tequila

Make your own gravlax with a Mexican twist.

Fragrant Carrot And Raisin Basmati Rice

A sweet colorful rice for Rosh Hashanah.

Grape Expectations - The 3,500 Year Old Jewish Love Affair with Wine

Discover what makes wine such a major part of Jewish life.

People of the Rock: The Jewish Community of Gibraltar, Then and Now

The history and food of this unique Jewish community.


Gibraltar’s national dish.

Challah Reuben “Grinder”

The Jewish twist on the viral Grinder sandwich.

Chraime Egg Boil

Our Jewish version of the spicy egg boil.

Dried Fruit Compote

The traditional Jewish dessert you want to start making.

Breaking Barriers and Baking Babka: How One Jewish Mom Became a YouTube Sensation

Through her relatable videos about Jewish cooking and life, Sonya is breaking misconceptions and sharing practical tips and wisdom.

The Pletzel of Paris and The Bread That Shares Its Name

The simple flatbread of our shtetl ancestors.

Pletzel Recipe

A very oniony flatbread.

How This 6 Generation Bread Baker Brought Back Israel’s Ancient Grains

How Hagay ve’ha lehem is turning old grains into new breads.

Why Shouldn’t We Eat Whatever We Want?

Understanding the spirituality of eating kosher.

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream without a Machine

Inspired by the slushy ice cafe around Israel.

A Short Jewish History of Morocco

Discovering the greatest gift of the Moroccan Jews.

Why Do We Fast?

The connection between tragedy and fasting.

Middle Eastern Lentils and Rice

Whether you call it Mujadara or Kichri, we have the recipe.

Almond Mandel Bread

Mandelbrot means “almond bread” in Yiddish.

Lox & Schmear Jew-shi Roll

Why we think sushi is totally Jewish!

What is Shifka?

The origins of one of Israel's most unique foods.

Shifka Pepper Spread Recipe

The Israeli condiment you need to try.

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