Pivotal Shofar Blasts throughout Jewish History

The shofar has become the voice of the Jewish people at different occasions throughout history.

King Charles III and the Jews

6 Facts about Britain’s new king.

Pomegranates: 8 Jewish Facts for Rosh Hashanah

These fruits have a long history in Jewish texts and are an important part of Rosh Hashanah.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Jews

Six facts about the monarch’s tumultuous relationship with Jews, on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee.

The US and the Holocaust: “We Did Nothing to Prevent It”

In a powerful film, Ken Burns chronicles America's abandonment of the Jews during the Holocaust.

Meet the Rabbi Who Ended 1300 Years of Ritual Humiliation

Why were European Jews who appeared in court subjugated to humiliating acts like standing bare-chested and bare-headed on a bloody pigskin?

17 Victims Murdered in Medieval Pogrom in Norwich Identified as Jews

Through DNA analysis, the remains of a family murdered in 1190 has been identified as Ashkenazi Jews. Here’s the fascinating history you need to know.

The Iranian Schindler

With his legal education, diplomatic experience and considerable wit, Abdol Hossein Sardari courageously saved 3000 Jews living in France.

Denigration: A Tragic Story of Jews in Art from the Late Renaissance

Italian-Jewish businessman Daniele da Norsa removed the outdoor painting of Madonna and Child, triggering a terrible series of consequences.

Napoleon and the Jews

Was the diminutive ruler a friend or foe to the Jews?

75 Years After the Holocaust, A Violin Returns

Bram Rodrigues entrusted his best friend Johnny de Haan with his beloved violin. Transcending time and space, the violin is back with the owner’s family.

Breaking into Auschwitz

Witold Pilecki heroically volunteered to enter Auschwitz where he organized a secret resistance.

I’m a Gamblin’ Man: The 17th Century Rabbi who Battled Addiction

The remarkably honest autobiography of Rabbi Leon Modena, a great Italian rabbinic scholar, describes his heroic struggles to overcome his gambling addiction.

Mikhail Gorbachev in His Own Words

10 quotes by and about the Soviet leader.

We Were at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games

Fifty years ago, 11 Israeli athletes were massacred by Palestinian terrorists in Germany. We were there for our honeymoon.

The Shocking True Story behind Spielberg’s Next Film

With Papal consent, Edgardo Mortara, a Jewish child, was ripped from his family and raised as a Catholic in 19th century Italy.

Sir Isaac Newton and Judaism

The scientist’s recently disclosed private papers reveal his deep reverence for ancient Jewish wisdom.

Saadiah Gaon, Rashi and Maimonides: How Three Rabbis Revolutionized Judaism

How three great Jewish scholars transformed our views of the Bible, education, Judaism, science and life.

King Sennacherib and the Siege of Lachish

The Lachish Relief graphically portrays Biblical scenes of a 3,000-year-old Jewish calamity.

In the Shadow of David and Goliath

Twenty-eight charred olive pits cracked the archaeology case.

Jews and the Chocolate Trade

Chocolate played a pivotal role in Jewish survival amidst the throes of the Inquisition.

Cats: 8 Jewish Facts

Just in time for International Cat Day!

The Six-Year-Old Holocaust Heroine from Ukraine

Yaroslava Levytska is the youngest person recognized as a Righteous of the Nations for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

When King Louis IX Tried to Wipe Out Judaism

King Louis IX had a Jewish problem. They still named a city after him.

Hollywood and the Holocaust

A controversial new book reveals new evidence of Jewish movie moguls’ collaboration with Nazis.

The Tragic History of the Jews of Spain

A comprehensive overview of the persecution, scholarship and expulsion of the Jews of Spain.

The Real Story behind the Spy who Infiltrated Argentina’s Jewish Community

Amazon Prime’s Yosi, the Regretful Spy unmasks the dangerous consequences of irrational antisemitism, and the non-Jewish spy who came to regret his role in the terrorist attacks on Jews.

When Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State Went to Jerusalem

The bond between Judaism and Jerusalem is ancient and unbreakable, on the saddest day of the year and every other day.

The Temple Mount through the Ages

A historical overview of the holiest spot on earth.

Elvis: 7 Jewish Things You Didn’t Know about The King

The Lansky Bros. are responsible for Elvis’s fashion sense. But don’t blame them for the jumpsuits.

Sir Moses Montefiore: A Brief History

He was a protector of the Jewish People and builder of the Land of Israel.

No Hitler, No Holocaust?

Two divergent views on the causality of the Holocaust and the driving forces of history.

A Magic Trick in Auschwitz

For Werner Reich. magic sparked a crumb of hope during the Holocaust.

When England Expelled the Jews

And the rabbi who was instrumental in gaining them re-entry 400 years later.

Adolf Eichmann’s Confession

Eichmann claimed he was bureaucrat following orders. Recently released transcripts of conversations he had with a Nazi journalist show Eichmann boasting of his significant role in executing the Final Solution.

Who Are the Mizrachi Jews?

The Mizrahi, or Eastern, Jewish community is the most ancient Jewish diaspora community, with roots dating back to Biblical times. Today they make up about half of Israel’s Jewish population.

History of the Swastika: 6 Facts

Swastikas have a long history and are widely employed around the world today.

This Man Was Executed in Iran for Being Jewish

Habib Elghanian was executed in 1979 by an Iranian Revolutionary Tribunal. His crime? Being Jewish.

Mordecai Manuel Noah and the Jewish Colony Near Niagara Falls

How a small island in the Niagara River almost became home to a Jewish haven in the early 1800’s.

Why We Fast on the 17th of Tammuz

The five tragedies that happened on this day.

Remembering a Hero from Virginia Tech

Liviu Librescu survived horror to shine his light in a dark world. His candle burns still.

Rare Documentation of the Portuguese Inquisition Revealed

A recently discovered manuscript documents the first 130 years of the Portuguese Inquisition’s tribunals against newly converted Christians accused of secretly practicing Judaism.

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