History of the Jews of Yemen

An ancient Jewish community that survived all odds and came home.

The Boy who Cried Messiah: False Messiahs in Jewish History

What is the Messiah and how will we know who he really is?

The Letter of the Convert: A Survival Story of the Crusades

900 years later, a woman’s story as a convert persecuted by the Crusaders still endures.

The Miracle of Israel

Israel’s return to its homeland after 2,000 years of exile - an event completely in the annals of history – is miraculous.

Auschwitz-Birkenau: A Day in the Worst Nazi Concentration Camp

On January 27, 1945 Allied forces entered the camps and found a tragic scene of mass extermination the likes of which our world had never witnessed before.

The Indian Princess who Fought Nazis

Noor Inayat Khan courageously spied for Britain behind enemy lines.

Jewish Ideas That Transformed the World

Without the Jews the world would have been a radically different place.

The Dalai Lama and the Exodus

As long as we never lose our story, we will never lose our identity.

Archaeology and the Exodus

What role does archaeology play in verifying Biblical events?

The Secret History of Chad Gadya

The likely inspiration for the famous Passover poem is a medieval German children’s rhyme.

When Books Are Dangerous: Book Banning, Cancel Culture and the Maharal of Prague

Cancel culture and the silencing of unpopular views often feels like a distinctly modern phenomenon. As 16th century Europe shows, there’s nothing new under the sun.

The Jews Didn’t Build the Pyramids

And other things that Egyptian culture reveals about the Book of Exodus

The Passover Story is an American Story

The Exodus story is, of course, first and foremost a Jewish narrative. But it has over time become an American narrative as well.

The 125-Year-Old Bagel: History with Chutzpah

The keepsake bagel is hard as a rock and surprisingly not moldy. But hold the cream cheese!

11 Famous Ukrainian Jews

Pres. Zelensky joins a long list of amazing Ukrainian Jews who have made the world a better place.

Evidence for the Exodus

Examining the historicity of the biblical exodus.

Archaeology and the Bible - Part 2

Is there archaeological evidence that supports the Bible?

The 8 Biggest Jewish Moments In Oscar History

The Academy Awards celebrates the best in movies, and for almost 100 years, Jews have been killing it.

The Forgotten Jew Who Developed the Cholera and Bubonic Plague Vaccines

Who was Mordechai Wolff Haffkine, a Ukrainian Jew, and why was he compared to Alfred Dreyfus?

Five Famous Non-Jews on the Uniqueness of the Jewish People

The survival of the Jewish people is unique in the annals of history.

Why These Foods are So Quintessentially Jewish

You’ll never look at these Jewish dishes the same way again.

Fiorello La Guardia’s Jewish Roots

The former New York City Mayor was one of Hitler’s most outspoken critics.

When They Burned Maimonides’ Books: The Controversy behind The Guide for the Perplexed

Why did a group of Dominican monks, in Paris, 1233, set fire to a pile of the philosophical works of Maimonides?

Shakespeare and the Jews: 7 Facts

How the Bard’s plays defined the way audiences look at Jews for generations.

Jewish Conductor on the Underground Railroad

August and Henrietta Bondi’s Jewish home was a stop for slaves fleeing North.

Valley of Tears: The True Story of Outpost 107

During the Yom Kippur War, 19 Israeli soldiers fought for 100 hours against overpowering Syrian forces and survived.

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