Adolf Eichmann’s Confession

Eichmann claimed he was bureaucrat following orders. Recently released transcripts of conversations he had with a Nazi journalist show Eichmann boasting of his significant role in executing the Final Solution.

This Man Was Executed in Iran for Being Jewish

Habib Elghanian was executed in 1979 by an Iranian Revolutionary Tribunal. His crime? Being Jewish.

Mordecai Manuel Noah and the Jewish Colony Near Niagara Falls

How a small island in the Niagara River almost became home to a Jewish haven in the early 1800’s.

That Time The Ivy League Found A Way To Limit Jewish Enrollment

In the early 20th century, Jews were doing so well on college entrance exams that some people got nervous they would take over the Ivy League. The result was a new system that succeeded in limiting Jewish enrollment.

The Abortionist of Auschwitz

Dr. Gisella Perl was forced to care for tens of thousands of women in the Holocaust.

The Stockdale Paradox

Surviving what life throws our way requires maintaining the sometimes-contradictory attitudes of hope and optimism, and realism and pragmatism.

The Two Jewish Brothers who Defied Segregation in Atlanta

And paved the way for Atlanta to join the Major Leagues in the 1960s.

That Time The Jews Got Kicked Out Of Tennessee

As an oppressed minority, Jews have been expelled from countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. Did you know that during the Civil War, Jews were expelled from Tennessee?

Queen Elizabeth II and the Jews

Six facts about the monarch’s tumultuous relationship with Jews, on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee.

Unlikely Zionists: The Fascinating Story of Early American Zionism

Though Israel and the United States don’t always see eye to eye, America remains Israel’s greatest ally. For that, we can thank two unlikely heroes: Rabbi Isaac Leeser and John Nelson Darby.

Bradley Cooper’s Fake “Jewish” Nose

A look at the surprising long history of the slur against “Jewish noses.”

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem: 6 Jewish Communities Who’ve Long Called Jerusalem Home

Israel’s capital has always been home to diverse Jewish communities.

The Mass Expulsion of Jews from Lithuania during Shavuot 1915

One of the largest single expulsions of Jews since Roman times occurred in May, 1915.

The Jewish Trader called “One Tongue” by Native Americans

Julius Meyer spoke six Native American languages in 19th century Nebraska.

Who was Two-Gun Cohen?

The Chinese president’s Jewish confidant who mustered Chinese support of the creation of Israel.

Ridley Road: The Real Story of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Group in 1960s London

The history of this remarkable movement is even stranger and more incredible than depicted in the hit series Ridley Road.

Auschwitz-Birkenau: A Day in the Worst Nazi Concentration Camp

On January 27, 1945 Allied forces entered the camps and found a tragic scene of mass extermination the likes of which our world had never witnessed before.

The Miracle of Israel

Israel’s return to its homeland after 2,000 years of exile - an event completely in the annals of history – is miraculous.

The Passover Story is an American Story

The Exodus story is, of course, first and foremost a Jewish narrative. But it has over time become an American narrative as well.

The 125-Year-Old Bagel: History with Chutzpah

The keepsake bagel is hard as a rock and surprisingly not moldy. But hold the cream cheese!

11 Famous Ukrainian Jews

Pres. Zelensky joins a long list of amazing Ukrainian Jews who have made the world a better place.

The 8 Biggest Jewish Moments In Oscar History

The Academy Awards celebrates the best in movies, and for almost 100 years, Jews have been killing it.

Why These Foods are So Quintessentially Jewish

You’ll never look at these Jewish dishes the same way again.

Jewish Conductor on the Underground Railroad

August and Henrietta Bondi’s Jewish home was a stop for slaves fleeing North.

Western Wall Facts & Figures

In celebration of Jerusalem Day.

Muslim Heroes of the Holocaust

Four remarkable stories that some Muslims don’t want to be publicized.

Hiding from the Nazi Downstairs

Elsa Koditschek hid under the noses of the SS family who’d stolen her home.

Valley of Tears: The True Story of Outpost 107

During the Yom Kippur War, 19 Israeli soldiers fought for 100 hours against overpowering Syrian forces and survived.

Orthodox Jew & Patriot of the American Revolution

Mordecai Sheftall is one of the greatest American patriots you’ve never heard of.

Interesting Facts about Jews in Early America

Some lesser-known facts about Jewish individuals and communities in Early America.

Jerusalem: Facts and Figures

Everything you need to know about Israel’s capital.

The Western Wall Infographic

Everything you need to know about Israel’s most-visited site. Perfect to share for Jerusalem Day.

Hollywood and the Holocaust

A controversial new book reveals new evidence of Jewish movie moguls’ collaboration with Nazis.

Remembering a Hero from Virginia Tech

Liviu Librescu survived horror to shine his light in a dark world. His candle burns still.

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