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Kylie Ora Lobell

Kylie Ora Lobell is a writer based in Los Angeles. She has written for Aish, The Jewish Journal of LA, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Tablet, The Forward, The JTA, and The Los Angeles Times. She wrote the first children's book for the children of Jewish converts, "Jewish Just Like You." You can find her online at KylieOraLobell.com.

Who is This Hasidic Rapper Breaking into the Mainstream?

Kendrick Lamar. Drake. DaBaby. Moshe Reuven? Meet the rising Hasidic rapper whose inspirational music is resonating with millions.

Surviving My Postpartum Depression

Curled up in a ball on the floor, unable to collect my thoughts, my husband said to me, “You need to get help.”

Why I'm Having Kids Despite World Turmoil

Yes having a kid can be frustrating, nerve-wracking, scary and exhausting, but becoming a parent is also the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.

OCD and Covid-19: Not a Good Mix

My need for perfection sent me in a tailspin.

Now is the Time to Move to Israel

We needed a final push to get us there. The pandemic and rise in anti-Semitism were it.

I was an Unhappy Atheist

How believing in God made me a grateful person.

Up All Night

Why we learn Torah in the wee hours of morning on Shavuot.

Shabbat Cures My Loneliness

In today's lonely world, Shabbat keeps us connected.

My Husband Dated Me When I Wasn’t Jewish

But he refused to marry me and I called him out on it.

My Journey to Observing Shabbat

My five-year struggle to give up technology and learn to connect to my soul.

Financial Struggles and Faith

As a writer, I’ve been financially struggling my entire adult life.

Where has Zaidy Gone?

A new book teaches parents how to talk about death with kids.

Judaism and My Addiction to Food

No matter how much I eat, I never feel full. Food can’t fill what’s missing in my life.

How Judaism Took Me Out Of My Depression

Converting to Judaism had an unexpected side effect: my depression became much less prominent in my life.

How I Chose My Hebrew Name

Prior to converting, I wanted to pick a Hebrew name that would reflect what I aspired to be.

Jewish Fashion Design

A new fashion design sketchbook shows less isn’t always more.

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