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Benjamin Elterman

Benjamin Elterman is a writer of stage, film, and television. Originally from Dallas, Texas Benjamin has worked in Seattle, New York, and currently lives in Los Angeles. He and his writing partner Marc Goldsmith started SixDegreesOfKosherBacon.com in 2015 as a way of growing their new appreciation for their Judaism. Benjamin has worked with such companies as Je'Caryous Johnson Entertainment, Chocolate Filmes, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and Pictures From the Fringe.

Defiance: The Astonishing Shofar Blowing During the Spanish Inquisition

In a Barcelona concert hall, one man's insane act of rebellion in 15th century Spain.

Rick and Morty’s Jewish Philosophy Lessons

The hit show’s latest episode takes a deep dive into some fundamental Jewish concepts.

Napoleon and the Jews

Was the diminutive ruler a friend or foe to the Jews?

Will Smith’s Apology

Insights on how to make an effective apology.

Slay Your Idols

What are you enslaved to? For me, it’s video games.

Princess Zelda and Queen Esther: How the Legend of Zelda Helped Me Understand Purim

Facing a towering dungeon boss, you already have what you need to be victorious.

Cobra Kai: The Sensei vs the Rabbi

Jewish wisdom goes a few rounds with the Okinawa-inspired karate philosophy.

Dave Chappelle and the Space Jews

When a comedian offends minorities, they find themselves apologizing or facing career ending cancel-culture. Why do offensive Jewish jokes go under the radar?

Karen, White Female Privilege, and Its Hebrew Counterpart

Perhaps it's no accident that the name Karen is very similar to the Hebrew word keren.

Aladdin: Understanding Reality is A Whole New World

The Disney film tackles the conflicts of self-doubt, actualizing potential and escaping reality.

Lady Bird and Struggling with My Identity

Who we are versus how we wish the world would see us.

The Zookeeper’s Wife: Holocaust and Personal Trauma

The Holocaust film depicts how trauma irrevocably impacts the individual.

Han Solo Shot First

According to the Torah, was Han Solo justified in killing Greedo?

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