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Parsha: Of 'Sefira' Beards and Beacons Gone Bad

Parsha: Uncomfortable Musings for Comfortable Jews

Parsha: Sacrifices and the 'Value' of Idol Worship

Parsha: L'Chaim - To Life?

Parsha: A Temple Full of Blood

Parsha: The Power of Community

Parsha: Judgment Means Love

Parsha: A Tedious Tabernacle?

Parsha: God Knows Best

Parsha: I Learn, Therefore I Teach

Parsha: Go Slow

Parsha: For the Love of the Game

Parsha: Excuses, excuses

When we really want to accomplish something, nothing can stand in our way.

Parsha: The Secret of Jewish Survival

Living up to our name, The People of the Book.

Parsha: Rest and Relaxation

Parsha: Appreciating the Simple Things in Life

Parsha: Serving God For Pleasure

Parsha: Seeing Good in All

God wants us to see the depth within the Yishmael personality

Parsha: Affronts to confronts

Parsha: Knowing Your Place

Lot and insubordination.

Parsha: Unified Technology Against God?

Parsha: Night Owls? Not!

Turn On the Lights

Why do we signify Shabbat's entry by lighting up the lights?

The $700 per Pound Mushroom

If a mushroom can cost $700 a pound, how much are you worth?

The Weekly Wedding

What does it mean that Shabbat is married to the Jewish people?

The World Series of Life

In life no one's a benchwarmer, and other key lessons from baseball.

The Wonder of Thunder

What's the deeper meaning behind the creation of a loud smack right in the middle of a heavy rainstorm?

Mother's Day, Jewish Style

Go ahead and take her out for dinner, but make sure your display of gratitude isn't just a once-a-year occasion.

Sefira Beards and Beacons

Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg's insights on the mourning period for Rebbe Akiva's students.

Torah with Morrie, Final: Leaving a Legacy

Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Torah with Morrie #19: The Completion of Life

It isn't the physical life itself that makes the difference; it is the legacy.

Torah with Morrie #18: Avoiding Youth Envy

Appreciating the gifts that old age provides.

Torah with Morrie #17: Embracing the Aging Process

Respecting elders is more than good manners, it shows what is truly important in life.

Torah with Morrie #16: Being Number Two

The pitfalls of trying to always be Number One.

Torah with Morrie #15: Parenting with Pride

Why did God create the world where grownups must suffer through inattentiveness, non-compliance, and general moodiness with our kids?

Torah with Morrie #14: Family First

What is the most important element in achieving happiness?

Torah with Morrie #13: Giving Through Taking

Sometimes the best way to give is by allowing others give to us and take.

Torah with Morrie #12: Making Meaningful Moments Last

How can we ever truly enjoy something when we know that all things will pass?

Torah with Morrie 11: Learn How to Die; Learn How to Live

Are you ready to die today?

Torah with Morrie #10: Finding One True Friend

Everyone needs that one person who understands us and with whom we can communicate openly without any pretenses.

Torah with Morrie #9: Timeless Teachers

Parents give physical life to a child; teachers inject that life with purpose and meaning.

Torah with Morrie #8: Criticism on the Rebound

The faults we accuse others of can most often be found within ourselves.

Torah with Morrie #7: Limiting Self-Pity

Living with joy despite our setbacks and travails.

Torah with Morrie #6: Feeling for Others

Striving to live with an awareness of the pain of others and do what we can to alleviate their burden.

Torah with Morrie #5: Other People's Dramas

You don't need to be famous to be a hero.

Torah With Morrie #4: Live Like You're Dying

Living life urgently, intensely and purposefully.

Torah with Morrie #3: Living Funerals

Why wait for a funeral to give heartfelt praise about those you love?

Torah with Morrie #2: Living with Youthful Passion

Whether you're over the hill or not depends on whether you still feel like climbing.

Torah with Morrie: The Value of Silence

What comfort do we find in all the noise?

Life in the Swing State

Spiritual lessons from the crucial presidential vote in Ohio.

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