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Rabbi Boruch Leff

Boruch Leff is a rebbe, an author of six books and a lecturer. Contact him at: sbleff@gmail.com.

Downfall of the Yankees

Does God care about the baseball playoffs?

Lessons from the 9/11/ Commission Report

Overcoming our failure of imagination.

The Murder of Nick Berg

Trying to make sense of the savagery.

Becoming a Holy Drunk

It seems a bit funny, but getting drunk on Purim can be a spiritual experience.

Forestalling the Stage of Acceptance

It would be tragic to accept the crisis in Israel as a normal part of reality.

Parenting Prophets

Every so often something happens with one of my kids and I begin to understand what parenting is all about. This is one of those moments.

Snow: The Dark Side

The blizzard hits and life goes haywire. Understanding the mystical challenge can make it a gorgeous blanket of snow.

The Mystical White Snow

The snowy streets are slippery and it's cold and wet. It's also a special time to get close to God.

Turning 30

As one young man leaves his 20s behind, idealism gives way to practicality. Almost.

Mystical Autumn Leaves

Why did God create a world where I need to do all this raking?

Losing Weight this Passover

Passover's solution to why diets don't work.

Losing Weight this Passover

Passover's solution to why diets don't work.

Surviving a Spiritual Recession

How to get through life's ups and downs.

Time for Change

The American elections and Rosh Hashana.

Why Clouds?

Mystical lessons within the clouds.

Applying "The Last Lecture"

If you had one last lecture to give before you died, what would it be?

Shabbos and Competition

We should only be competitive with ourselves.

Torch Protests

The Jewish people have their own ancient torch ceremony.

Why Do We Smile?

Share yourself and your wisdom with the world. Smile.

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