“Fill the Void” – A Chasidic Love Story

Chasidic Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein’s fascinating film is almost as fascinating as her own story.

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark has a message for the Jewish people just in time for Shavuot.


What if all of your memories disappeared? Would you still long for the past?

Jackie Robinson and the Jew

The love for my team, made me appreciate the love for my people.

Dream Footprints

Five famous dreamers and the lessons we can learn from them.

Cartoon Scandal

A Jewish cartoonist discusses why the recent Sunday Times cartoon was so offensive.

Les Misérables and the Bible

Reconciling God’s attribute of Justice with Mercy.

The Kabbalistic Life of Pi

The surprising Jewish connection hidden inside the bestselling book and new film.

The Twilight Saga & Abstinence

Edward is the perfect gentleman.

Funny: The Book

David Misch likes to make people laugh – and to understand why they laugh. There’s something very Jewish about that.

WouldJew Believe #31

Interesting and odd Jewish facts including the first Jewish gold medalist of the 2012 London games.

Dark Knight Rises

Unfortunately, tragedies happen. But we must rise again and find a way to grow.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Do you have to solve your own problems before helping others with theirs?


Don’t go for the quick fixes even though the longer ones, well, take much longer.

We Are Spartacus

You do not need to be a movie star to stand up for basic human freedom.

Rock n’ Roll Bomb

Israel’s real secret weapon against the Iranians: Rita Jahanforuz.

U.N. Me

A new hilarious documentary that reveals the insanity of the U.N.

The Dictator

Dictators around the world hate the State of Israel. Here’s why.

Least Popular Jewish Vacation Retreats

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Avengers

There’s an important lesson about the power of the Jewish People.

The Five Year Engagement

Nicholas Stoller’s new comedy about dating periods that seem to go on without end, highlights a troubling trend.

The History of Hatikvah

In celebration of Israel’s birthday we examine the history of our national anthem.

Hostage to Fashion

Politics aside, the real war on women is being waged by fashion designers.

Hunger Games

The new film has me thinking about Passover.


Josh Trank’s new film asks the question what would a teenager do if he had superpowers? Short answer: trouble.

The Artist

Michel Hazanavicious’s Golden Globe winning silent film imparts powerful lessons about the power of speech.

Spielberg's "Munich" Revisited

Israel's bold creation of Silicon Island with Cornell is the best answer to the film's canard.

Mission Possible

Tom Cruise’s new movie shows us that nothing is impossible.

The Muppets

Are The Muppets a metaphor for the State of Israel?!

Tower Heist

Brett Ratner’s new film has a timely message for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Twilight: A Love Story?

Why the vampire series captivates today’s girlie girl culture.

Mossad and Morality on Film

The Debt reveals more about the filmmaker’s own feelings of inner guilt than anything else.

Puncture: The Inside Story

How I made a Hollywood movie with absolutely no Hollywood experience and a little inspiration from my rabbi.

Finding Israel’s Soul at the Movies

Ma’aleh film school explores and embraces the religiously observant life.

The Change Up

Living the life of a wild bachelor may look fun, but it won’t give you the greatest gift of being a parent -- nachas.

Patriot Games

Is Captain America too American?

The Real Magic of Harry Potter

It lies in the dogged determination of its author J.K. Rowling.

Horrible Bosses

As bad as your boss may be, at least you have one…

Jewish Hip Hop

Enter the Jewish scene of reggae, beat-boxing, hip-hop and urban funk.

Marilyn Michaels: Jewish Show Biz Royalty

An interview with a star of stage and screen with real "yichus” -- lineage.

X-Men: First Class

We should all be proud of our inner “mutant.”

Family Guys

The fathers I know don’t look anything like the ones we see in the media.

Von Trier's Cannes Controversy

Does art stand apart from the artist? What if the artist is Hitler?

Why I Didn’t Watch the Royal Wedding

Let’s give William and Kate the best gift of all – the gift of privacy.


In Gregg Mottola’s new movie, Paul, the friendly alien, is feared simply because he’s different. As Jews, we can identify with that.

Miral: Is This the Face of Terror?

To answer the question, here are some alternative posters for the anti-Israel movie.

Can Judaism Save Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen is now claiming that he’s Jewish. No we are not kidding.

The Adjustment Bureau

George Nolfi’s new film starring Matt Damon has me thinking about fate versus free will.

God's Inception

The Oscars, Judaism and the power of dreams.

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