Freedom of Speech

Why a central theme of Passover is talking.

Attaining True Empowerment on Passover

Empowerment doesn’t come through conquering and enslaving others.

Splitting Your Sea

Life is not about the calm. It’s about the waves.

My Catholic Friend’s Question

Curiosity is the beginning of freedom.

British Museum & Evidence of Israelite Slavery in Egypt

A mud brick with straw, stamped with a royal seal that says “House of Ramses ll,” and other cool artifacts.

The Soviet Campaign to Eliminate Passover

“Red Haggadahs” were published in the 1920s with the explicit goal of replacing belief in God with faith in Communist Russia.

Running Away from Egypt

How to leave your narrow place and transform your life.

Passover in Hell

My grandfather’s Passover Seder, hiding from Nazis in the Krakow Ghetto.

Passover & Jewish Destiny

Matzah symbolizes hope, especially this year.

Empowering Beliefs For Freedom

This Passover set yourself free.

My Fight for Freedom in Iran

I could not accept the constraints imposed upon me as a Jew growing up in Iran.

Making Passover Personal

The Jewish people’s exile and redemption is a map for spiritual growth.

Passover and the Zodiac

Slaughtering the Pascal lamb represented breaking free from predetermined forces beyond our control.

More Than We Want to Breathe

Embracing the spiritual opportunity of the Jewish month of Nissan and Passover.

Matzah: Racing Out of Egypt

Why did God rush us out of Egypt?

The Monkey Trap

Knowing when it’s time to let go of the candy.

Spiritual Freedom

Self mastery is the key to true freedom.

Essential Freedom

How could anyone celebrate Passover, the holiday of liberation, in Auschwitz?

Passover’s Secret of Success

How to jumpstart your personal exodus.

The Immigrant Seder

Passover ensures we retain the burning passion to get ahead.

The Second Exodus

We had just seven days to get out of Egypt.

Four Questions to Dating Freedom

Passover teaches us the deeper meaning in the search for a soul mate.

Freedom Without Limits?

“Let my people go” is only half the story.

Breaking Away from the Bully

Slavery is more than just forced labor.

My Pharaoh

For the past seven years I've been enslaved to an eating disorder.

Finding Freedom

Exiting our own personal Egypt.

Goering and My Grandmother

Leading a secret life as a Jewish resistance fighter, you just never know who you're going to meet.

The Story of a Prayer

A Seder in Bergen-Belsen.

Faster Than Time

This Passover, achieve the impossible.

My Dayenu Ring

A lost diamond, a gaping black hole, and an inspiring Passover realization.

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Passover

This Passover, break free from the ruthless hi-tech servitude.

Matzah: The Taste of Freedom

Eating Matzah connects us to our innermost essence, where our true freedom lies.

Attaining Freedom

Rectifying Adam's mistake through matzah and wine.

My Personal Redemption

As a survivor of child abuse, Passover has special meaning for me.

No Way Out

When I look behind me and see no help, and I look ahead of me and see no hope, I am now very sure to look above me.

Born Free?

Quite the contrary. Learn how to choose freedom this Passover.

The Spark of Freedom

Passover affixed within the collective Jewish soul the commitment to build a better world free of cynicism and moral confusion.

Let My People Go -- Where?

Physical freedom is not enough. Passover provides the opportunity of freedom with purpose.

Freedom and Responsibility

Freedom is not defined as coming and going as you please. True freedom is making independent choices -- and achieving meaningful goals in life.

Idealism, Chametz, and Freedom

Trying to make the world a better place is a deep drive within every human being. But somewhere along the way, many give up and trade in that value for more creature comforts.

Barriers to Freedom

Freedom from physical slavery is the first exodus. Then comes freedom from psychological enslavement. Passover shows us how to break lose from our mental chains.

Commandments Equal Freedom

Disciplining oneself to observe the mitzvot of the Torah sounds about as fun as twisting oneself into a pretzel. But as any virtuoso will testify, it is from discipline that greatness springs forth.

Freedom and Self Awareness

Humans can sometimes get stuck in a trap of self-delusion that is as confining as any prison. The good news is there's a way out.

Slavery of the Aimless

Why is slavery the worst thing that can happen to a person? Why is it worse than death? The answer is as simple as it is profound.

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