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Rabbi Noson Weisz

While studying at the famed yeshivas of Chaim Berlin, Lakewood and the Mir in Jerusalem, Rabbi Noson Weisz also received a degree in Microbiology from the University of Toronto, MA in Political Science at the New School for Social Research and his LLB from the University of Toronto. Rabbi Weisz is currently a senior lecturer at Yeshiva Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. Listen to a class by Rabbi Noson Weisz  

Parsha: Up For the Count

Exploring the deeper meaning behind counting the Omer.

Parsha: Assigning Blame

An in-depth exploration of tragedy and the meaning of Tisha B'Av.

Parsha: Holy Physics

Parsha: Jewish Joy

Finding the joy in practicing Judaism.

Parsha: Run For Your Soul

Exploring the two Exoduses – one physical and one spiritual.

Parsha: Who Needs Miracles Anyway?

Parsha: Faith Among the Pyramids

The Jewish view of exile.

Parsha: Tell It On the Mountain

Parsha: Do We Want Mashiach Now?

Parsha: Golden Calf

An in-depth exploration of this baffling episode.

Parsha: Tablets for Living

Exploring the meaning of the covenant between God and the Jewish people.

Parsha: Spiritual Economics

Expectation-driven systems are double-edged.

Parsha: Blood, Sweat and Tears

More than faith, it's about making the personal effort.

Parsha: Festivals of Spring

Springtime is a liberation, both physically and emotionally.

Parsha: Dale Carnegie With a Jewish Slant

Sculpting the human character is a free will exercise.

Parsha: My Country Right or Wrong

Examining separation of church and state.

Chumash Themes #6: The Binding of Isaac

A seminal event in Jewish national consciousness.

Chumash Themes #2: The Purpose of Creation

God created a world in need of perfecting.

The Names of God

Exploring the meaning of God's two most essentials names: An excerpt from R. Weisz's new book PrayerWorks.

The Honor of Torah

Profound lessons learned from Rebbe Akiva's 24,000 students.

Parsha: The Double Image

Parsha: Of Wounded Souls

Parsha: Torah Power

Parsha: Israel, Where Are You?

Parsha: Minding Your Own Business

Parsha: Of Sheep and Shepherds

Parsha: The Looking-Glass War

Parsha: The Tragedy of Tragedy

Parsha: Let Them Eat Meat

Parsha: Sotah

Parsha: Do I Really Need This?

Parsha: Dearly Beloved

Parsha: The Heart of the Matter

Parsha: The Holy Connection

Parsha: The Cutting Edge

Parsha: Looking Glasses of the Soul

Parsha: Right to Life vs. Right Life

Parsha: His Soul's Fire

Parsha: Measure For Measure

Parsha: Human Constructions and Constrictions

Parsha: Clearing Up the Confusion

Parsha: Shattering the Hourglass of Time

Parsha: Open Heart Surgery

Introducing God to the Egyptians.

Parsha: The Body and the Self

Parsha: Bracing For Exile

Exploring the nature of the Shechina, God’s Divine presence.

Parsha: An Issue of Trust

Parsha: Of Second Chances

Parsha: Nothing Personal

Parsha: The Splendor of the Night

Parsha: The Red Badge of Cruelty

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