Short Haggadah Insights for Your Seder: A Video Series

Share these videos with your family and friends.

A Quarantine Seder: 7 Insights to Uplift Your Seder

Bring joy to this year’s unique Seder experience.

Essential vs. Non-Essential: Dayeinu During the Pandemic

Now is the crucial time to focus on what we have.

Three Steps to a Meaningful Seder

Tapping into the essence of the Exodus story.

PODCAST: We are Still Going Out of Egypt

Rabbi Berel Wein on the relevance of Passover in our modern times.

The Importance of Questions at the Seder

It’s far deeper than keeping the children awake.

When Your Child is the Wicked Son

We need to have faith not only in the Almighty but faith in our children.

The Oscar Nominated Film about the Four Sons at the Seder

One young man, whose parents thought him wicked and simple, turned out to be truly wise and changed the course of history.

Who Is the Wicked Son?

The fundamental lesson of Passover is that God’s love for us is unconditional.

Invite These Five Women to Your Seder

Women who played a pivotal role in Exodus story.

Aish UK Haggadah Companion

Insightful essays to enhance your Passover Seder.

Passover: The Night of Protection

Why do we open the door for Elijah during the Seder?

Jewish Identity: Are You In or Out?

Passover and the redemptive value of Jewish identity.

The Meaning of Chad Gadya

The Vilna Gaon’s explanation of the famous Passover song.

The Art of Leading an Amazing Seder

10 tips to keep your Seder interesting.

Seder Conclusion

Next Year in Jerusalem!

Door for Elijah and Hallel

Elijah the Prophet occupies a fascinating role in Jewish history.

Festive Meal, Afikomen, Grace

Why are these part of the 15 steps to Freedom?

Bitter Herbs and Korech Sandwich

The why's and how's of eating bitter herbs on Seder night.

Eating the Matzah

It is a Torah mitzvah to eat matzah on Seder night.


"It is our duty to thank, praise, honor, bless and respect He who did all these miracles for our ancestors and for us."

In Every Generation

Young Jews are being lost to apathy and assimilation. Let's leave an empty seat at the Seder.

Marror Explained

What is the reason we eat the bitter herbs?

Matzah Explained

What is the reason we eat Matzah?

Pesach Offering

Why did our ancestors eat the Passover offering at the Holy Temple?

Dayenu! Many Plagues

The number of plagues was 5-fold, corresponding to the 5-letter Name of God which represents justice.

Ten Plagues

How does modern man understand plagues and miracles?

God Brought Us Out

"In all the gods of Egypt will I execute judgment... I am God and no other."

Cried Out to God

We cried out to God. He heard our voice and saw our affliction.

Hard Labor

When the Jews assimilate and become "full-fledged Egyptians," the result is anti-Semitism.

Down to Egypt

Our forefather Jacob did not go to Egypt to settle permanently, but only to reside temporarily.

Vi-He She-Amda

Have others really tried to destroy us in every generation?

Idolators - 400 Years

Life is a continuous process toward self-discovery. It is never too late.

Rosh Chodesh Nissan

God is ready to give us opportunity right now. Choose it!

Baruch Hamakom

"Blessed is The One Who gave the Torah to His people Israel."

Bnei Brak Wise Men

"Whoever talks at length about Exodus from Egypt is praiseworthy."

Four Questions & Slaves

Why are questions so important?

Next Year, Free!

"Next year in the land of Israel. Next year, free people."

All Who Are Hungry

"All who are hungry ― come and eat. All who are needy ― come join the Passover celebration."

Maggid - Bread of Affliction

"This is the bread of affliction that our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt."

Breaking the Middle Matzah

Why is this one the 15 Steps to Freedom?

Urchatz - Karpas

Lessons and ideas behind these two symbols.

Kiddush - First Cup

Why is this one of the 15 steps to freedom?

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