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Dr. Henry Abramson

Dr. Henry Abramson serves as a Dean of Touro University in Brooklyn, New York. A popular online lecturer, he is currently working on a three-volume history of the Jewish people for Koren Publishers (Jerusalem).

How did Medieval Jewish Tombstones End Up in an Italian Monument?

The appalling story of desecrated tombstones from the 16th century Sephardic cemetery of Ferrara, Italy.

Meet the Rabbi Who Ended 1300 Years of Ritual Humiliation

Why were European Jews who appeared in court subjugated to humiliating acts like standing bare-chested and bare-headed on a bloody pigskin?

Denigration: A Tragic Story of Jews in Art from the Late Renaissance

Italian-Jewish businessman Daniele da Norsa removed the outdoor painting of Madonna and Child, triggering a terrible series of consequences.

Who Was Josephus? The Controversial Backstory of the Famed Historian

When Yosef ben Matityahu, a great warrior, defected to the Romans and became Josephus Flavius.

Jewish Chutzpah’s Ancient Precedent: Commoner Sues Toxic Boss 2600 Years Ago

This fascinating Hebrew letter from 630 BCE is the earliest documented example of how average Jews incorporated Judaism’s laws into their everyday lives.

The Letter of the Convert: A Survival Story of the Crusades

900 years later, a woman’s story as a convert persecuted by the Crusaders still endures.

The Secret History of Chad Gadya

The likely inspiration for the famous Passover poem is a medieval German children’s rhyme.

Jewish History in Ukrainian Maps

This brief video provides a survey of the long Jewish presence in the region, framed in the context of maps: political, ethnolinguistic, military and social.

All Jewish History in Under 18 Minutes

Jewish history for ridiculously busy people.

Meet the Non-Jew Who Made Daf Yomi Possible

Daniel Bomberg capitalized on the disruptive new technology – printing, understanding the potentially huge market for books amongst Jews.

Cairo Geniza’s Remarkable Story of Wuhshah the Broker

Three medieval documents chronicle the life of a wealthy Jewish woman in Egypt at the turn of the 12th century.

Babatha & the Role of Women in the 2nd Century

Exploring the mysterious 2nd-Century find in the Cave of Letters.

The First Pillar of Jewish Law: The Rif

Appreciating the trailblazing scholarly work of Rabbi Yitzchak al-Fasi.

The Mysterious, Miraculous Sarajevo Haggadah

The amazing story of the 700 year old Haggadah, the Muslim librarian who saved it from the Nazis, and how his children were miraculously saved by Israel.

The Soviet Campaign to Eliminate Passover

“Red Haggadahs” were published in the 1920s with the explicit goal of replacing belief in God with faith in Communist Russia.

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