Dear Persian Jews: Tradition Is Not Enough

Liz Kennedy’s Mission to Help Women become Magnetic

The Jewish Israeli skincare entrepreneur, who partnered with two Muslim investors, shares how trauma shaped who she is today.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Orphan Girls in Calcutta and the Meaning of Thanksgiving

The Jewish recipe for living with gratitude.

Montana Tucker is Bringing Holocaust Education to TikTok and Instagram

With over 11 million followers, she’s doing what no social media influencer has done before.

Digital Influencer Bari Mitzmann Shares Her Struggles with Mental Health

Her priority it to help others and erase the shame surrounding mental illness.

Why My Iranian Mother Didn’t Want Me to Become a Religious Fanatic

I grew up in a religious dictatorship in Iran. My mother didn’t want me to become “brainwashed” in America.

The Jewish Designer behind Some of TV’s Most Iconic Cartoon Characters

Stephen Silver is using his creative gifts to fulfill his dreams and help others.

After 500 Years, Closing the Circle

My Jewish grandmother from 15 generations ago died in a Catholic convent as a nun.  My spiritual return to Judaism began with dreams of becoming a nun.

Jesse Orenshein, Author of 14 Children’s books, Is Following His Dream

The successful writer and ninja warrior shares how his Jewishness drives his creativity.

Looking for God

Because I stopped paying attention, I thought God wasn’t there. But He had devious ways of sneaking up on me.

Hiding Their Jewishness

An adult woman raised as a Christian discovers that her parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors.

The Jewish Pope: Following the Questions Home

Four generations in the American melting pot boiled away just about any Jewishness in my family.

Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

Ilana Muhlstein, author and influencer with 2 million followers, lost 100 pounds and shares her secret.

Who is This Hasidic Rapper Breaking into the Mainstream?

Kendrick Lamar. Drake. DaBaby. Moshe Reuven? Meet the rising Hasidic rapper whose inspirational music is resonating with millions.

A Gold Medal for Integrity

Yuval Levi, 17 faced his biggest life decision: represent his country on the world stage in a make or break game, or represent his people’s most dearly held value.

Perfecting the Art of Longing: A Poet’s Meditation

A husband, father and quadriplegic survivor of a brainstem stroke longs for love and connection.

Lizzy Savetsky’s Personal Battle Against Alcoholism

On the outside, the successful social media influencer’s life seemed perfect. Inside, it was imploding.

The Pain of Comforting Words: A Would-Be Father’s Perspective on Miscarriage

Hearing the words you don’t want to hear. Again.

These Kids Are Buying a Car for their Teacher

And he has no idea.

Why Being Firstborn is a Blessing and a Curse

My struggle to find and embrace who I really am.

Take Two: Why Pesach Sheini is Significant to Our Family

On that Jewish date in 1945, my late father-in-law, Mr. Yitzchok Yisroel Cohen, was liberated by American forces from Dachau.

Rescuing Ladino from the Flames of History

How a language teetering on the brink of extinction represents the faith and fortitude of the Jewish people.

Rabbi Shteinman, Humble Giant

Serving God and the Jewish people for 104 full years.


Why I Wear My Star of David

A potent mix of defiance, tribute, pride and belonging.

The Life of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky zt”l

Why did nearly a million people go to this rabbi's funeral?

This Black Rapper Is Spreading Holocaust Awareness

With soulful lyrics, Curtis Bates is educating the next gen about the evils of hate.

A Woman Called Me and My Family Ugly Jews

The frightening incident reminded three reasons why the Holocaust still matters.

Why Kosha Dillz, the Rapper, Is Pickled

The rapper gets philosophic about his Jewish identity and talks about his recent viral successes.

How a Jewish Mother Smashed the Glass Ceiling at a Prestigious Wall Street Law Firm

Lydia Kess helped pave the way for working mothers, Shabbat-observant Jews and others in corporate America.

97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor is a Viral Sensation on TikTok

Videos by Holocaust Lily Ebert and her great grandson Dov are reaching millions of people, teaching them about the Holocaust.

Ida Nudel: 4 Life Lessons

The diminutive giant defied the Soviet Union to move to Israel.

I've Inherited My Father's Nightmares

In my wildest imaginings, I never believed that I would march against antisemitism in the United States.

Reflections of an Afghan Jew

Born in the Afghan city of Herat, Ahoova Gol Zeffren is a descendant of an Afghan rabbinic dynasty.

From “Ordinary Housewife" to Global Human Rights Activist Helping Soviet Jews

Pam Cohen's unlikely fight to support and free Soviet Jews.

Why Menopause Doesn’t Bother Me Anymore

A tale of ugly shoes, hot flashes and aging gratefully.

My Masseuse Thinks Jews Don’t Pay Taxes

She says it’s because of the Holocaust.

Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer Teaches New Generation about Anne Frank

His most personal book, Meltzer wrote I am Anne Frank as a way to combat global Jew-hatred.

Tik Tok Executive Discovers Joy and Purpose through Jewish Wisdom

Michal Oshman's new book asks, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Living in Iran Made me a Lifelong Zionist

Growing up in a country that tried its hardest to teach me to hate everything about my Judaism and Israel made my resolve even stronger.

A Stranger Amongst You: My Life with Asperger's

I look forward to a day when Asperger’s Syndrome is better understood within the Jewish community.

Out of Iran, Finding My Voice

As an Iranian Jewish woman who grew up in Iran wearing a hijab, my childhood and experience of feminism is vastly different than most women.

Descendants of Jews Saved by Heroic Pole Find Each Other

Wladimir Riszko hid 16 Jews for two years during the Holocaust.

My Debt of Gratitude to Rabbi Abraham Twerski

Thanks to the rabbi, I felt comfortable going to a 12-step program that paved my way to recover from an eating disorder.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Rabbi Abraham Twerski’s Copious Blessings

The trailblazing rabbi died at the age of 90, a week after publishing his 90th book.

Holocaust Survivor’s Falafel is Tribute to His Survival

Every Jan. 18th, the anniversary of his darkest day, David ‘Dugo’ Leitner eats a falafel as a tribute to his mother’s love and that he’ll never go hungry again.

Born in Berlin, 1943

My German birth certificate is a testament to life, humanity, and to the spirit and courage of my dear parents.


11 Things a Non-Jew Learned from Hasidic Jews

After spending more than a week in the Hasidic community and creating 13 videos, here are Peter's takeaways from his experience.

Remembering Sheldon Adelson

The casino tycoon set new standards of Jewish mega-giving.

How to Talk to a Neo-Nazi

The anti-Semitic skinhead couldn't believe the kind storeowner was a Jew.

Planning a Wedding with 2-Hours' Notice

Hours before Tier 4 restrictions went into effect in London, Rabbi Alex Chapper and a cadre of people sprung into action.

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