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Dr. Leslie M. Gutman

Dr. Leslie M. Gutman is Professor of Psychology and Director of the MSc Behaviour Change at University College London. Her book, Resilience: A Jewish Guide to Facing Adversity, Fostering Strength, and Living Your Best Life (published by Mosaica Press, https://mosaicapress.com/product/resilience/), focuses on the major life tests that many of us face and the different strengths we can cultivate to boost resilience with dozens of practical resilience-building exercises. It is available on https://www.amazon.com in the US and https://www.amazon.co.uk in the UK and Europe. She lives in London with her husband and five children.

Do You Have the Necessary Grit to Cross Your Red Sea?

Passover relives the moment when the Jewish nation were all in.

Self-Compassion: Key to Greater Happiness and More Positive Relationships

Self-compassionate people are also better equipped to cope with stressful life events and boost their resilience in the face of challenges.

Effective Time Management: Juggling Glass and Rubber Balls

How to prioritize what really matters to us and ensure that our time is well-spent.

Effective Resolutions: Behavioral Insights on Creating Positive Change

Practical tips from behavioral science that can help us bring forth positive change in the new year.

Cultivating Spiritual Resilience

Strategies to encourage belief in a higher purpose, hope for the future, gratitude for our lives, and the meaning we construct from our suffering.

How to Build Resilience during the Pandemic

Five evidence-based strategies to help you cultivate resilience.

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