Cancelled Over Israel

Sara Yoheved Rigler

The Surprising Hero of The Commandant’s Shadow

Can a person really change?

Addressing Antisemitism in the Workplace With AI

A new guide and AI chatbot are helping Jews facing antisemitism on the job.

Turn Your Rage Into Outrage

Rage destroys, consumes, and obliterates. Outrage is a healthy response to an outrageous event or behavior that calls for action. 

Hate Speech and Intimidation at University of Toronto

U of T, a bastion of high academic ideals for which I have been proud to serve, is currently not a safe space physically, intellectually or emotionally, for Jews.

Gen Z: Not Just the Anxious Generation

Generation Z has serious problems. It has serious advantages, too.

The Washington Post’s Protocols of Zion

The newspaper’s reporting on Jewish concerns about campus antisemitism revives history’s ugliest antisemitic myths.

Praising Hamas in a High School Yearbook

After a suburban Chicago yearbook praised Hamas, Jewish parents react.

President Ebrahim Raisi: 6 Facts You Should Know

Iran’s President, known as the Butcher of Tehran, leaves a legacy of pain, suffering, and death.

The International Criminal Court’s Obscene Accusations Against Israel

Equating Israel with Hamas, the ICC’s actions are morally outrageous.

Harvard’s Pervasive Jew-Hatred

A damning report by a group of Harvard alumni catalogs pervasive antisemitism at America’s oldest university.

Don’t Be Surprised by Antisemitism

Antisemitism throughout Jewish history is the norm. The Golden Age of American Jewry is the aberration.

An Open Letter from Jewish Students at Columbia

A pro-Israel letter is garnering over 450 signatures. Its authors hope their success will be copied elsewhere.

The Jewish Nation Lives

The Jewish People have been targeted for annihilation for thousands of years. But far more persistent and powerful is the nation’s resilience.


Israeli Hostage Describes Her Captivity in Gaza

Yarden Roman-Gat saved her child from Hamas captivity, but spent 54 days in Gaza after the Oct. 7 massacre. Her mother-in-law was killed in the attack.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Pro-Hamas Jewish Protestors and Who Will Win This War

What one powerful Holocaust story taught me.

Sheryl Sandberg Documents Hamas’ Sexual Violence

The documentary Screams Before Silence is difficult – and important – to watch.

Yes, It's Bad, But I Still Have Hope

The past and present are colliding but my hope for the future is strong.

How Colleges Should Handle Protests: Learn from University of Florida’s Policy

This should serve as a constitutional model for other universities nationwide.

An Open Letter to University Presidents

With the eruption of anti-Israel protests on campus, here are five crucial issues for you to consider.

To The Protesters in America Calling for an Intifada

Slogans that promote murder and terror don't further the cause of the Palestinian people. Try “Peace by any means necessary!” instead.

Columbia Students Once Rallied Against Nazis — Now They Cheer for Them

Today, Columbia students are protesting in support of Hamas terrorists who mimic the Nazis. How did this strange role reversal come about?

Do You Think They Can Tell That I’m Jewish?

A Jewish student faces palpable fear of campus. How did we get here?

Why Did Moses Have to First Fail Before God Freed the Jews in Egypt?

Real Freedom can’t be tainted by political agendas and personal ambition.

Passover’s Message of Hope in the Aftermath of Oct. 7

Rabbi Akiva’s mysterious Passover Seder that is found in the Haggadah yields a relevant insight for today.

Should The Passover Seder Be Different This Year?

How the Passover Haggadah speaks directly to our current situation, conveying a relevant message of hope and resilience.

Iran’s Attack on Israel

We thank the Almighty, working through the IDF, for protecting the Jewish people from the massive attack from Iran.

Media Bias Against Israel

When it comes to the current Hamas-Israel war, normal journalistic standards go out the window.

The Increasing Threat of Deepfakes and AI Images – And How You Can Spot Them

During this war on truth – and especially during the Israel-Gaza War – it’s critical to be aware of these threats.

Why the Calls for a Ceasefire Leave Me Cold

Because it will lead to more bloodshed.

Five Personal Lessons from the Jewish Multi-Millionaire You’ve Never Heard of

Dr. Yosef Walder had a major impact on me and on thousands of others.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

The Islamic Jihadist Rapist's Confession

The video of an Islamic Jihad terrorist’s confession of rape on October 7 is a window into the machinations of evil.

Joe Lieberman: 7 Jewish Quotes

The former Senator, who died at age 82, was the first Jewish member of a major presidential ticket.

Israel Alone

What The Economist unwittingly gets right about the Jewish state.

Jews: The Same

In the eyes of our enemy, and in the eyes of God, we are the same. 

Hostages, Horror, and Hope: A Visit to Nir Oz

Everywhere one looked, the remnants of Death stared back.

The UN Resolution’s Glaring Omission

While the resolution rightly emphasizes the need for a ceasefire, humanitarian aid and the release of the hostages, it fails to explicitly address the root causes of the conflict: Hamas.

What Do You Think a Jew Looks Like

Telling the Jewish story on Times Square.

The Intense Antisemitism of Haman, Hitler and Hamas

The greater evil always attacks the greater good.

Stand Up for the Jewish People

Hamas isn’t waging a war only against Israel; it’s a war against the Jews.

Hunger in Gaza: Blame Hamas, Not Israel

Why it’s wrong to accuse Israel of causing famine in Gaza.

Purim Teaches Us How to Respond to Anti-Semitism

Bond in unity and stand up as proud Jews.

Existential Threats Reunite a Divided Nation, Then and Now

The Purim story’s eerie parallels to what the Jewish people are facing today.

Queen Esther’s Message to You

Every generation has its evil Haman. And he doesn’t care what type of Jew you are.

Arab States Funding American Colleges

Arab nations have poured billions of dollars into American universities with little scrutiny.

Nice Jewish Boys Carrying Concealed Guns

I’m no Rambo. I am fulfilling my responsibility to protect my family and my community.

First They Came for the Jews — Now They’re Targeting Everyone

The open display of Jew hatred across Canada won’t be going away because the lunatics now know they can get away with it.

Why I Stopped Donating to Penn

Their values are not aligned with my Jewish values.

Antisemitism, Intimidation and Violence in British Politics

An exclusive interview with British MP Michael Freer who is resigning due to fearful antisemitic, anti-Israel violence.

Is Hamas Gaining a Foothold in U.S. Medicine?

Antisemitism among medicine’s younger ranks should raise alarm.

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