My Encounter with James Brown, the Godfather of Soul

People Love Dead Jews: Exclusive Interview with Award-Winning Author Dara Horn

The provocative scholar’s views on Kanye, effective responses to antisemitism, and being Jewish in a non-Jewish world.

Due to Antisemitism, Lizzy Savetsky Leaves Real Housewives of New York

From the moment it was officially announced that she would be a cast member, she has faced a torrent of antisemitic comments.

Confronting Antisemitism: Some Questions and Concerns

Whether you found Dave Chapelle's monologue amusing or offensive, one thing is clear: we must respond thoughtfully and effectively to antisemitism.

Chief Editor's Blog

Dave Chappelle’s Pernicious Antisemitism

The comedian is far too smart to be as crude as Kanye, and that’s what makes his offensive jokes more damaging and dangerous.

Dave Chappelle's Monologue Wasn't Antisemitic

And I thought his monologue was funny.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Why is France’s Most Popular Jewish Comedian Converting to Catholicism?

And why he doesn’t have to.

Kyrie Irving, Black Hebrew Israelites, and the “Real Jews”

Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites and why are they attacking the authenticity of today’s Jews?

Why Being Too Busy Isn’t Healthy

Hectic busyness has become the symbol of achievement. It isn’t.

How Can Kyrie Irving Apologize to the Jewish Community?

The Brooklyn Nets have prescribed six steps for Kyrie to return to the court. Is it enough?

The Documentary Kanye West Should See

A moving documentary about the Tree of Life synagogue massacre reminds us to take hate seriously.

Why We Are Shelving of Our Kanye West Documentary and Two Important Lies

Last week Kanye sampled and remixed a classic tune that has charted for over 3000 years – the lie that Jews are evil and conspire to control the world for their own gain.

Kanye West and the Power of Words

Adidas and others who have gone out of their way to condemn hatred of Jews should be thanked. Let’s not stop there.

And Baby Makes 8 Billion

People are the ultimate resource.

In Germany, Where Words and Silence Speak in Equal Volume

Traveling between monuments to history and finding signs of Jewish life along the way.

Kanye West Blames the Jews

We will dispel your darkness with our light, your hatred with our love, and your malice with our compassion.

Why the Sexual Revolution was Bad for Women

Millennial journalist Louise Perry claims in her new book that the sexual revolution has made women its victims, not its victors. She’s right.

Helping Jews after Hurricane Ian’s Devastation

It’s unbelievable to see what happened to my city, my friends, my community.

Judaism and Human Creativity

The creation narrative in Genesis offers insights on how and why humans create.

Dr. Sheila Nazarian’s Escape from Iran

The famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon was smuggled out of Iran as a child. An advocate for women’s empowerment, she firmly stands with the women of Iran yearning for freedom.

Rabbi Sacks: Focus On the Important, Not the Urgent

Appreciating Judaism's transformative time management tools.

Jews and Weight Loss

A comedian’s take on his ongoing battle to lose weight and keep it off.

Coronating the King: 4 Ways to Prepare for Rosh Hashanah

We may not be invited to King Charles coronation, but we’re all eagerly wanted at a more prestigious coronation – the installation of the ultimate King on Rosh Hashanah.

The US and the Holocaust: “We Did Nothing to Prevent It”

In a powerful film, Ken Burns chronicles America's abandonment of the Jews during the Holocaust.

King Charles III and the Jews

6 Facts about Britain’s new king.

Thank You, Ma’am: A Personal Letter to the Queen

I am deeply grateful that you were queen during my lifetime.

Anna, Can You Help This Mother and Her Two Children?

The pain and suffering of Ukrainians are heart wrenching. I had to do my part.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

The German President’s Stunning Act of Repentance

In Munich. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke as if he had studied Maimonides’ five steps of teshuvah.

It’s Open Season on Jews in New York City

Of the hundreds of hate crimes committed against Jews in the city since 2018, many documented on camera, only a single perpetrator has served even one day in prison.

Students Surprise Their Teacher with a Brand New Car

And readers played a major role in making it happen.

CNN’s Dana Bash on Fighting Antisemitism

In an exclusive interview, Dana Bash discusses what she learned researching her CNN special and key lessons she wants to impart.

Is Grease the Word?

Olivia Newton John’s death got me rethinking Grease’s messages regarding relationships and gender.

Breaking Barriers and Baking Babka: How One Jewish Mom Became a YouTube Sensation

Through her relatable videos about Jewish cooking and life, Sonya is breaking misconceptions and sharing practical tips and wisdom.

Olivia Newton John’s Grandfather was a Nobel-Prize Winning Jewish Physicist

The singing sensation hailed from a distinguished Jewish family.

The Best Way to Stop Suicide

Caring words can make all the difference.

Messengers from the Russian Moral Abyss

Cousins of mine embarking on their new life in Israel shared chilling accounts of a country that resembles prewar Germany.

My Abortion Story

We wanted a miracle but my life was at risk.

Elvis: 7 Jewish Things You Didn’t Know about The King

The Lansky Bros. are responsible for Elvis’s fashion sense. But don’t blame them for the jumpsuits.

The Woman who Would Not Shake Biden's Hand

Israeli pop star, Yuval Dayan, sets off a firestorm. She’s just being true to herself.

During Her Pregnancy Crisis, Don’t Stand Idly By

Vulnerable pregnant Jewish women need more than rhetoric.

Modest Fashion Is All the Rage: Can the Trend Last?

Women today are declaring their need to feel more protected and more empowered through clothing that covers more than it reveals.

In Aftermath of Chicago’s July 4th Shooting, Local Moms Provide Countless Points of Light

After the horrific shooting, a team of volunteers quickly mobilized into action.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Meron: The Tragedy of Them – No, Us

Why does it take a catastrophe to unite us?

Fixing Homes of the Poor in Israel

A new charity in Israel is restoring pride to homes, giving free handyman services to the poor.

Operation Good Neighbor: Syrian Thanks Israel for Saving her Life

A viral story is drawing attention to Israel’s heroic efforts that saved thousands of Syrian refugees.

I'll Take 300,000 Donuts Please

Israel's second largest donut buyer is an unsung hero who hands out Hanukkah treats to the poor.

Only in Israel: Saving a Life and a Man's Livelihood

When a medic was injured, Israelis flocked to help save his business.

Insulting Mayim Bialik

We are masters at writing people off based solely on external superficialities.

History of the Swastika: 6 Facts

Swastikas have a long history and are widely employed around the world today.

The Stockdale Paradox

Surviving what life throws our way requires maintaining the sometimes-contradictory attitudes of hope and optimism, and realism and pragmatism.

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