How Israel Is Helping to Solve the Global Water Crisis


How A Breast Cancer Gene All Jews Should Know About Uncovered a Secret Connection

Whether Judaism is a religion, culture or ethnicity, shared genes provide further insight on Jews as a part of a historical people.

10 Ways Israel is Saving Planet Earth

This Earth Day, a look into how Israeli advances are helping battle climate change and pollution around the world.

65 Ways Israel is Saving Our Planet

The start-up nation is sharing its knowledge to become a light unto the nations.

Israel & the Environment

An amazing fact sheet about one of the greenest countries in the world.

Amazing Israeli Medical Breakthroughs

Modern Israeli inventions are giving handicapped people new hope.


A Scientist on Finding God in Nature

Dr. Gilbert Daniel Nessim unpacks the mindboggling complexity inside a seed.

Abortion in Jewish Law

The traditional Jewish view does not fit conveniently into the major "camps" in the current debate.

Probing Conversations between a Rabbi, Physicists, Psychologists, and Other Scientists

Scientific and Jewish beliefs are more compatible than you think. We sat down with leading world scientists and others to discover just how much we have in common

Archaeology and the Destruction of Sodom

The description of the Biblical destruction of Sodom is supported by recent archaeological discoveries.


What Is Time?

Professor Rovelli and Rabbi Jacobs discuss the meaning of life. Are their positions too far to bridge?


A Physicist and a Rabbi Discuss Reality

Professor Rovelli says that he and the Rabbi are from "different tribes" when it comes to how they understand the meaning of life. Rabbi Jacobs begs to differ and thinks their positions are much closer than the professor thinks. Can these two approaches truly ever be resolved?


Is There Such Thing As "Now?"

We all seem to know what is meant by the term "now." The reality is that pinning down exactly when "now" is is surprisingly difficult. How might it change our thinking if there were no such thing?

Steven Weinberg and the Twilight of the Godless Universe

With the passing last month of Steven Weinberg, the world lost a great theoretical physicist.


The Song of the Cat

Even your feline friend has a song. Listen and become inspired.

One of Nature's Great Mysteries

Every 17 years trillions of cicadas emerge from the ground as a unified mass. They're on their way.


The Song of the Sun

Exploring Judaism's spiritual depth of the sun.

Yes, Virginia, the Patriarchs Really Did Ride on Camels

The New York Times was wrong: Archaeological data about the camel actually affirms the accuracy and antiquity of the Genesis accounts.

Your Remarkable Skin

Like the lid on a coffee cup, your skin is hardwired to serve three critical roles.

Professor Hillel Furstenberg: In His Prime

The gifted Hebrew University mathematician has accrued the field’s most coveted prizes while finding God’s Hand in the randomness of the universe.

A Doctor’s Diary: Genetic Instructions

Welcome to the incredible, uniquely Human Library that simply boggles the mind.


The Song of the Pomegranate

The deeper significance of this Rosh Hashana fruit.

The Origin of Life

Explaining how life began is the biggest unsolved question in science today.


The Song of the Grapevine

Contemplate the Jewish symbolism of the grapevine and its wine.


The Song of the Ocean

Comprehending the music of the roaring sea.

The Real Story Behind the Covid-19 Vaccine Story

Appreciating the awesomeness of our immune system.

Physician’s Diary: Our Remarkable Healing Processes and the Coronavirus Virus

Mankind’s remarkable ability to fight infections.

Doctors on the Front Lines Battling Covid-19

Four Jewish doctors describe their experiences battling Covid-19.


The Song of the Fish

Plunge to the ocean’s depths and listen to its song.

Sir Isaac Newton's Self-Quarantine

While the bubonic plague raged elsewhere, Newton, in seclusion, embarked on what he'd later describe as the most intellectually productive period of his life.

The Doctor’s Diary: The Ultimate Engineer

Several incredibly complex internal mechanisms silently watch over our bodies every second of our lives.


The Song of the Dog

A deeper look into the heart of the world’s favorite pet.


The Song of the Deer

Examining the deer and its daily flight for survival.

A Doctor’s Diary: A Peek behind Aging and Death

A look at the body's amazing biological clockwork.


The Song of the Horse

Contemplating the horse’s vitality and service.

A Doctor’s Diary: Witnessing God's Handiwork

Like a well-written, trillion-page novel, every step, twist and turn of a fetus's development seems to follow an all-encompassing plan.


The Song of the Lion

The meaning of his song is more powerful than its roar.


The Song of the Ant

Studying the habits of the busiest creature on earth.

The Age of the Universe: One Reality Viewed from Two Different Perspectives

Can the universe be young and old simultaneously?


The Song of the Dove

Understanding the coo of the dove.


The Song of the Beasts of the Field

Examining the wonders of wild animals.

Darwinism, Judaism and the Clash between Science and Religion

The opposition between religion and science that is assumed to be fundamental by secular liberals is, in fact, foreign to Judaism.


The Song of the Elephant

Examining the wonders of the elephant.

Science and God

Maimonides wrote that if you want to find God, look in nature.

Asaf Lewin: The Aerospace Engineer behind Israel’s Historic Moon Landing

The excitement, trepidation, national pride and deeper meaning. An exclusive interview.

Age of the Universe: One Approach

Is the universe 13.8 billion years old or 5,779 years old?

Did Life Start by Accident? The Missing Pieces

Was the Universe continually creating massive numbers of random combinations of atoms until it generated life?

11 Surprising Facts about Rain

Things to know while praying for rain.

4 Core Jewish Values at the End of Life

Guiding our health care decisions according to Jewish law.

Creation: A Convergence of Torah and Science

Once unthinkable, the accounts of creation by Torah and science are converging.

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