The Seder Night Game

A fun Passover board game for young children. Print and play!

The Great Pesach Funbook

Fun, educational Passover games your kids will enjoy.

Haggadah Teasers

Stretch your knowledge of the Haggadah text.

Jake Gyllenhaal Lost the Afikomen

Help Jake find the Afikomen boys and girls

Passover Ten Plagues Coloring Pages

Print out these coloring pages and enjoy!

Passover Hagaddah Coloring Pages

Print out these coloring pages and enjoy!

Planning Your Family Seder

Providing your children with the Seder experience you want them to have requires thinking ahead.

Taking the Cake

Bread isn't the only thing that can get puffy. People also sometimes puff themselves up by bragging and acting conceited. Matzah teaches us to un-puff ourselves.

Passover Mazes

'Find the Chametz' and 'Afikoman' Mazes.

Word Jumble

Print out and see if you could find the words below hidden in the square. The words can be downwards, sideways, or diagonal.

Family Fun with the Ten Plagues

Add an experiential, dramatic element to the evening.

Passover Cushion for Leaning

Why not make yourself or a family member a great cushion cover for leaning on at the Seder!

Games and Tips for the Seder

Spice up your Passover Seder!

Make a Matzah Holder

Make your very own Matza holder to put on the seder table for everyone to enjoy.

Make an Afikoman Bag

Why not surprise your father or grandfather and give them this beautiful hand made Afikoman holder that you made!!!

Models of the 'Four Sons'

This is fun to do with as many members of the family as possible and bring them to the Seder table.

The Sweetest Matzah Ever

A few weeks before Passover, a handful of Jewish prisoners in a Soviet labor camp in Siberia decided they wanted to celebrate the upcoming Jewish festival.

Elijah's Favorite Seder

A great Rabbi finds out that Elijah liked best the simple Seder of a poor man who captured the meaning of Pesach in one heartfelt prayer.

The Four Sons

The Four Sons serve as a wonderful model on how to transmit our rich heritage effectively, tailor-made to each child's capacity and way of learning.

Vehi Sheamda

This short passage from the Haggadah has given hope to Jews over the centuries, particularly in times of oppression.

Bubbles of Joy

The legacy of a young girl who died from cancer teach us how to leave our own Egypts and gain freedom by giving others joy.

Ma Nishtana - The Four Questions

Ideas and games that are guaranteed to bring to life some of the key sections of the Haggadah with your family.

Dr. Mitzvah - Passover

The delicious food for the Cedarville Seder is stolen!

Passover Crafts

Fun holiday crafts for the whole family.

Sedering with Kids

How to prevent your kids from asking the fifth question, "Are we done yet?"

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