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The Great Pesach Funbook

March 27, 2014 | by Chani Saposh

Fun, educational Passover games your kids will enjoy.

Excerpted from The Great Pesach Funbook.  Make it SO much fun for kids to be part of the excitement before and during Pesach. Keep your younger children busy, happy, and entertained while you and your older children are busy preparing. Kids will also learn all sorts of interesting facts and information about Pesach, will practice singing Pesach songs, make art projects for the Seder, and even learn how to bake something.


In this exciting and educational activity book, you'll find matching games, solve the mystery, search and find, Sudoku, hieroglyphics, plus much more!

With over 30 games, riddles, puzzles, mazes, fill-ins, crafts, recipes, and much more, the kids will have loads of fun this Pesach! Click here to order.

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Connect the Dots


Sudoku Seder

Let's make an Afikomen Bag!

Pesach, Matzah, Maror

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