My Journey to Observing Shabbat

My five-year struggle to give up technology and learn to connect to my soul.

Shabbat and Vogue Magazine

It seems like everyone is tapping into the transformative power of Shabbat.

Living to Work

Egyptian slavery and man’s drive for meaning.

Israel & the Shabbat Project

In the merit of Shabbat and the beauty of Jewish unity may we only know times of joy and triumph.

The Shabbat Project 2015

Around the globe, people are once again joining the biggest global Jewish unity event the world has ever seen.

The Shabbat Project: Making History

As the sun dips below the horizon on October 24, an estimated one million people worldwide will be participating in this extraordinary initiative.

The Shabbat App

We have become enslaved to the very technology designed to liberate us.

Shabbat & Good Health

According to latest research, Shabbat improves mental, physical and emotional health.

Your Airplanes Shall Rest on Shabbat

Recalling the day when Menachem Begin stopped Israel’s national airline, El Al, from flying on Shabbat.

Discovering Angels

How the Jewish Sabbath transformed my life.

I Too Am Royalty

As a child I longed for the majestic. Watching the royal wedding, I realized I found it.


Stop the world, I wanna get off!

Heaven Can Wait: The Sabbath, Part 3

If heaven's eternal bliss really lasts for an eternity, why doesn't it get boring?

Big Creator, Little Creator: The Sabbath, Part 2

Rest is far more than the absence of work.

Does God Get Tired? The Sabbath: Part 1

Why would an All-Powerful God need to rest?

Shabbat Light

The power of the Havdallah candle.

A Weekly Holiday

Everything is special on Shabbat.

Turn On the Lights

Why do we signify Shabbat's entry by lighting up the lights?

Shabbat - Heaven on Earth

For three millennia, Shabbat has been the Jewish oasis in time. Find out what's behind this weekly day off.

Inspired Chicken Soup

Sometimes the way to a man's soul is through his stomach.

The Weekly Wedding

What does it mean that Shabbat is married to the Jewish people?

The Great Cholent Divide

The only important difference amongst world Jewry is between those who love Cholent and those who hate it.

Shabbat: Recognizing Your Creator

Waking up to a world filled with gifts.

Hear the Quiet

In the era of Blackberries and Bluetooths, where can you find a vestige of absolute peace and quiet?

Shabbos in Vietnam

I was determined to take Saturdays off. My commander had other ideas.

My Cell Phone

I wanted to start keeping Shabbat, but it meant shutting off the cell phone I was enslaved to.

Around the Sabbath Table

I rarely use my passport, yet every Saturday I meet people from around the world.

The Stop Button

How I got out of the never-ending cycle of work, struggle and stress.

Challah: The Divine Dough

How Jewish women can unleash the holiness of bread.

Lively Shabbat Overview

It's the glue that holds together the Jewish family and the Jewish nation.

Why Seven Is Holy

On Shabbat, we shut out the world so we can hear our soul.

Shabbat Table

Preparing the Shabbat table -- gleaming silver and satin white - is a labor of love.

Make it on Sunday

My client called, perturbed that I'd stopped working on Shabbat.

It's Still Shabbat

What kind of Shabbat will it be in the hospital emergency room?

The Holocaust Lights

Thirteen pairs of eyes, huddled in the barracks. The sun has almost set.

The Magic of Havdalah

Shabbat comes to a close in a most dramatic and touching way.

Home for Shabbat

Stranded in Milwaukee with nowhere to go. A true story.

Shabbat Songs Inspiration

Understanding the mystical attraction of song.

The Parallel Universe

Abraham's world of Shabbat is personally piloted by God.

Tabernacle of Time

Shabbat is an anywhere-in-the-world, expense-free holy-time vacation.

Material vs. Spiritual

In Judaism, you can't be holy without the physical.

Rest and Relaxation

Our task is to go out and build our world. And then comes Day Seven.

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