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Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Rabbi Noah Weinberg, of blessed memory, was the dean and founder of Aish HaTorah. For 50 years, his visionary educational programs brought hundreds of thousands of Jews closer to their heritage.

5 Steps for Personal Growth

How to get out of neutral and back into high gear.

How to Really Grow During the Month of Elul

No one can help you grow unless you take responsibility for yourself.

Way #25: No Pain, No Gain

Pain is the price we pay for real, lasting pleasure.

Getting Your Prayers Answered

Understanding why and how prayer works. A Jewish perspective.

At War before Rosh Hashanah

No one but you can make you great.

The Five Belts of Being Intellectual

Gaining objective definitions is the first step to intellectual honesty. Applying those definitions to life is what determines greatness.

Free Will – Our Greatest Power

This ly human endeavor spells the difference between life and death.

Five Levels of Pleasure

Life is full of pleasures. But some are a quantum leap above the rest.

The ABC's of Judaism

Embedded deep in our consciousness is the knowledge of life's precious secrets. The key to access them is the ABCs.

How Can We Be Sure of Anything

In this age of information overload, how do we sort out the good from the bad? Here are powerful techniques to really "know what you know."

6 Constant - #6 - Don't Be Misled By Your Heart and Eyes

Enjoy the pleasures of the physical world. But don't make materialism an end unto itself.

6 Constant - #5 - Fear God

Human instinct is to run from fear. Judaism teaches that fear of God is a positive motivator for greatness.

6 Constant - #4 - Love God

A passionate desire to connect with the Almighty is a constant human striving. How do we know if we're connecting?

How the Mighty Fall

An excerpt from the just-published book, Wisdom for Living: Rabbi Noach Weinberg on the Parashah.

6 Constant - #3 - God Is One

Life is full of distractions from the underlying reality of God's existence.

6 Constant - #2 - Don't Believe In Any Other Power

Who runs the world? Staying focused on God is a constant life challenge.

Way #50: Rewards of Gratitude

Acknowledge your gifts and be grateful to the source. Because if you know from whom you're receiving, you can always go back for more.

6 Constant - #1 - Know There is a God

Cultivate the greatest possible relationship with the greatest possible benefits.

Way #49: Organize Your Mind

The human brain is a sophisticated filing cabinet. Organize in order to access that information.

Way #48: Educate the Educators

Don't swallow wholesale what others say. Check out whether it make sense.

The Meaning Of Life

Until you know what you are willing to die for, you have not yet begun to live.

Way #47: Learn In Order To Do

The power of wisdom is to make life better. There is no greater waste than to have great ideas and then not to use them.

Way #46: Learn In Order To Teach

If you know something worthwhile, share it. By reaching others, you will reach yourself.

Way #45: Expand Your Ideas

Whenever you learn a piece of wisdom, extract what's relevant to your life. Rake it to its ultimate conclusion and live with it.

Way #44: Analyze the Issues

The best defense against abuse is to question what you see. Use your intellect to uncover inconsistencies and rationalizations.

Friendship, Love and Unity

Understanding the dynamics of love can improve our relationships ― and the success of our entire nation.

Way #43: Fascination With Living

Children live in a natural state of awe. To reclaim that energy, pursue your goals with relentless fascination.

Way #42: Peace of Mind

Even with the world in turmoil, we can be at inner peace. To attain that equilibrium, focus on the needs of your soul.

Way #41: Getting Into Reality

Life is breathtaking. Wouldn't you rather experience love than watch it in a movie? Get out of the illusion and into reality.

Way #40: Make Others Meritorious

We all recognize the need to take responsibility when someone is in physical danger. We're just as obligated when it's a spiritual danger.

Way #39: Share The Burden

Sensitizing yourself to the pain of others will give you renewed awareness for living.

Way #38: Responsible Decisions

Every conscious moment is another decision. The most important decision is "What am I living for?"

Way #37: Never Be Bored

Don't take life for granted. Look for fresh insights. Reawaken the mystery.

The Secret of Happiness

The key to happiness is to appreciate what you have. If it's so simple, why are so many people unhappy?

Way #36: Handling Social Pressure

Don't spend your life trying to impress others. Be true to your own convictions.

What is a Good Person

The human quest "to be good" drives virtually everything we do. Distinguish between "material good" and "spiritual good."

Way #35: Love Criticism

Criticism is not a personal attack, but a way to reach your Olympic-level potential.

Way #34: Use Your Inner Guide

Buried within the subconscious lies the knowledge of everything we need to know about living.

Way #33: Fulfill Your Obligations

Don't grumble about obligations. They actualize potential and are the basis of self esteem.

Jewish Secrets of Success

How to attain true self-esteem.

Way #32: Love Humanity

Imagine having never seen a human being before. What a fantastic gadget!

Way #31: Seek The Ultimate Pleasure

Even with lots of money and power, no human being is truly satisfied without the transcendent dimension.

Way #30: Be Loved By Others

The human desire to be loved is deep and natural. If you give warmth, you'll attract warmth.

Way #29: Subtle Traps of Arrogance

Distinguish between pride ("I'm better than others") and pleasure ("I'm fortunate").

Way #28: Protect What Is Precious

A fence keeps a safe distance from danger. If you find a "hole" in your life, take precautions to avoid stumbling into errors.

Way #27: Happiness

You can be rich and miserable. Happiness is a state of mind. Develop tools for how to get it.

Way #26: Know Your Place

Every person has a contribution to make in this world. Figure out your role in the grand scheme.

Way #24: Search For Wisdom

Wisdom makes the wheels of life spin forward. Pursue it.

Way #23: The Good Heart

Be aware of your inner struggle between the two conflicting inclinations - to do the right thing, or to be selfish.

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