Queen Esther’s Love Letter to Her People Is Just What We Need

We Have to Talk About Charvona

Why do we have to remember the most forgettable guy in the whole Purim story?

The Hesitant Hero: Queen Esther vs Volodymr Zelensky

There’s more than one way to be a Jewish hero.

The 4 Happiness Habits of Purim

How to live a life filled with happiness.

Purim Celebrates Unity While Embracing Diversity

In marriage and nationhood, unity #does not supersede personal individuality.

Spotify’s Shuffle Button and the Meaning of Purim

Adele was really on to something.

Princess Zelda and Queen Esther: How the Legend of Zelda Helped Me Understand Purim

Facing a towering dungeon boss, you already have what you need to be victorious.

The Therapeutic Joy of Purim

You defeat fear by joy. You conquer terror by collective celebration.

Purim’s Lesson on How to Defeat the Enemy: Keep Calm and Carry On

A year ago we put on masks for Purim and haven't taken them off. Don’t panic.

Queen Esther's 6 Lessons for Today

Timeless messages that Esther wanted every man, woman and child to hear.

Not Just Purim: Five Extraordinary Stories of Miraculous Redemption

Jewish communities around the world that were saved from the brink of destruction.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Rabbi Blech on the Pandemic's First Anniversary

Purim masks and face masks: Looking forward to when masks stop concealing God's presence, nor be required by a soon-to-be conquered pandemic.

Purim: Masks and Revelations

Why do we wear masks on Purim?

Why Harry S. Truman Recognized the State of Israel

Like Eddie Jacobson, God is calling on each of us, saying there is something only we can do.

Purim at Goebbels’ Castle

On March 8, 1945, a group of American soldiers observed Purim in Rheydt, Germany, vanquishing a modern-day Haman.

The Seventh of Adar: Haman and the Death of Moses

A deep analysis into the connection between Purim, Moses and the Oral Law.

Women, Leadership and Laughter

She who laughs last.

What Are You Doing to Confront Anti-Semitism?

A crucial lesson from Mordechai and the story of Purim.

Jews of Venice’s Ghetto

Confined to a tiny island, Venice’s Jews put on magnificent Purim shows for the whole city.

PODCAST: The Soul Reason for Drinking on Purim

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb explains what we are actually celebrating on Purim.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Ilhan Omar, the Benjamins and Purim Today

The Purim story’s warning of enemies who seek our destruction assumes such powerful relevance today.

When God is Hidden: The Meaning of Purim

Finding meaning and hope in times of darkness.

PODCAST: Choosing to Be Happy Even in Times of Challenge

Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser explains happiness on Purim and all year round.

Before Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, There was Queen Esther

Esther didn’t only save the Jewish people; she transformed the power of women.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Hidden Miracles

Purim teaches us how to find God behind the curtain of history - and in today's headlines.

Happiness and Adar

The greatest joy in life is knowing God is always there.

The Trap of Wanting It All

Status-seeking underlies Haman's intense hatred of the Jews.

Queen Esther and 6 Other Extraordinary Jewish Women

Jewish history abounds with strong Jewish women who ensured the survival of the Jewish people.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Mordechai, Reincarnation & Jewish Pride

The response to a world filled with anti-Semitism must be pride, not submission.

My Husband’s Paralyzed Face

My husband looked awful and I was horrified. He just carried on with no embarrassment, life as usual.

Poland, Purim and Masking the Truth

Just when evil people and destructive ideologies seem to dominate the world, the darkness can turn into light.

The Secret to Esther’s Beauty

How did Esther suddenly become the new "It Girl"? It wasn’t just her good looks.

Queen Esther: Five Lessons in Personal Transformation

Queen Esther shows us how to overcome our obstacles and move forward, despite our fears.

Purim & the Red Strawberries Optical Illusion

Sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Unmasking Our Jewish Identity

Purim’s message for confronting today’s anti-Semitism.

Queen Esther Finds Her Voice

Queen Esther’s transformation from a passive, quiet young lady to an active, courageous heroine.

Purim Teaches Us How to Respond to Anti-Semitism

Bond in unity and stand up as proud Jews.

Eradicating Cynicism

Purim and the war against meaning.

Stalin and the Purim Miracle

Stalin had plans to murder millions of Russian Jews. Like Haman, the tables suddenly turned.

For This Moment

Like Queen Esther, we can channel our pain towards greatness.

Drinking on Purim

When love transcends understanding.

Take Off Your Mask

This Purim, remove the four masks we wear and experience true joy.

God's Calling Card

Sometimes receiving a sign that God is orchestrating events can transform one’s life.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Purim and Serendipity

How to find God.

Analyzing Purim’s Main Characters

There’s an Esther, Haman and Mordechai in all of us.

When God’s Face is Hidden

Sometimes it is through the darkness that we can bring out our greatest light.

12 Years a Slave & Esther

Like Solomon Northup, Esther could not reveal her true identity.

The Hidden Story of Queen Esther: A Video Series

A startling 6-part series that reveals the profound relevance of Purim.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Best Supporting Actor

And the Oscar goes to Mordechai…. and you!

Every Inch Counts

Sometimes one inch can lead to a mile. Purim shows us how.

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