Understand Purim in 5 Minutes or Less

The quick scoop on Judaism’s most enigmatic holiday.

Purim Potential

How to take off your mask and show the real you. (2 min.)

Purim: The Miracle of Jewish Survival

A primer on the history and meaning of Purim.

Historical Overview

The key points of history show how easily the mighty can fall, and how survival of the Jews depends on a connection to God.

Ganza Megillah

A detailed summary of the Purim story - the next best thing to reading the whole megillah by yourself.

60-Second Megillah Overview

A quick play-by-play recounting of the Purim story - how Mordechai and Esther pulled off the save of the century.

Learn Hebrew: Purim

Celebrating our deliverance from the clutches of evil.

Purim in Persia

Another feast celebrating God's abandonment of Israel puts in motion a plot to annihilate the Jews.

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