14 Jewish Ideas That Will Actually Keep You Healthy

How Maimonides’ medical writings can help you lose weight.

Change the Pace of Your Busy Life Through Foraging

Foraging helps you slow down, get in touch with your senses and connect with the land.

Shavuot is The Holiday of Cheesecake and Blintzes

There’s a reason you find yourself craving cheesecake the beginning of every summer.

What Does Kosher Mean Literally?

Understanding the laws of kosher food.

Adam and Eve Were Vegan

In the Garden of Eden, God had a different idea about how people should eat.

Do You Like Slow-Cooked Food? Thank the Jews

Our favorite Jewish slow cooker recipes.

Does Judaism Support Veganism?

Who said we could eat meat?

Why I Spent Shabbat On a Houseboat in Muslim Kashmir

How I ended up breaking bread with people from all walks of life from all over the world.

Passover - A Night To Remember

The Mandela Effect and the Passover Seder

The Marvelously Modest Matzah

What no one told you about matzah.

Why Maror Is the Bitter Herb You Want to Endure

The bitter herb represents a taste of the kind of suffering that leads to growth.

Unleavened Around The World: The Many Faces of Matzah

How the cardboard like matzah we know today came to be and where its softer cousin can be found.

Marley and Matzah, A Taste of Freedom

What do Bob Marley and matzah have in common? They both teach us about freedom.

Why Your Passover Seder Should Be Bittersweet

Everything you need to know about charoset, the bittersweet symbol of Passover.

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