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Yael Mermelstein

Yael Mermelstein is an award winning author whose stories are studied for the Israeli English matriculation exams and featured in national textbooks. Her book, Izzy the Whiz and Passover McClean was distributed across the U.S. by the PJ Library. She publishes prolifically, most frequently in Binah Magazine. Yael lives in Israel with her family and her pet computer.

Forgiving the Impossible

During the Holocaust, my grandmother gave up everything for her closest friend, only to be abandoned in return.

Inspiration in the Wilderness

A survival camp helps Jewish boys find their place in the universe.

Life with Bullet Proof Vest

I never thought I could live in Israel during times of war. I underestimated myself and the country.

It’s Only Money

A thanksgiving reminder.

Shedding Labels

If I could fix a bike, who knows what else I’m capable of doing but have been too afraid to try.

Just Don’t Do It

My mother doesn’t do jet-lag. And this Rosh Hashanah I realized I don’t have to do a lot of negative habits.

The Sole of Our Nation

Why I love living in the land of Israel.

My Moment of Weakness

Do you want God to cut you some slack?

The Night Before My Wedding

We were on opposite poles: her life was drawing to a close and mine was about to begin.

Losing the Customer

If only we'd make all our decisions looking at the long term.

Children’s Jewish Book Month

Kindling our children's’ Judaism, one book at a time.

5 Great Books for Kids

Highly recommended books that explore the value of friendship.


Why I gave up TV.

Little People, Big Mistakes

Four priceless lessons.

Before It's Too Late

Holding on to my brush with death.

Taking Flight

Sometimes the truest freedom can only come when we claw our own way out.

Message in the Sky

When the unthinkable happens.

V is for Victim

Victimization is becoming the greatest defense strategy known to mankind.

Birthday Blues

Somehow birthdays morphed into a day of doors closing behind me with a final thud.

Remembering Ari Fuld: Miracle In Lebanon

When God performs miracles for us, what should we do in return?

Up In Smoke

My relaxing Shabbat plans were turned to ashes.

Double Trouble

Docky had nine lives to play with; we've only got one.

Front Lines, Back Lines

As immigrants who chose to live in Israel, we came to immerse ourselves in the great pride of our nation, as well as its great pain.

Burning Souls

There are pivotal moments in life when we catch a glimmer of what lies deep within us.

Coming to Terms

It's not only a baby we're expecting.


Love's missing ingredient.

The Man at the Door

It's hard to make a decent living.


My son wasn't the only one who got lost that night

No One to Blame

A taxi ride to somewhere unexpected.

Delete Forever

Yom Kippur enables us to wipe out our soul spam.

Delete Forever

Yom Kippur enables us to wipe out our soul spam.

Miracle Fruit

A panacea for bitterness? There's more to learn from the miracle fruit than how to enjoy your tequila.


What to do in case of an earthquake and other household emergencies.

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