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Chana (Jenny) Weisberg

Chana Jenny Weisberg is the author of One Baby Step at a Time: 7 Secrets of Jewish Motherhood (Urim) as well as the creator of the popular Jewish Mom Video Series that can be viewed on her website www.JewishMom.com.

The Heroine in Everywoman

The secret power of Jewish mothers: creating and nurturing life in the face of death.

An American Jew in Russia

All Jews have a still small voice inside of them that says, "I am a Jew."

When Silence is Golden

Sometimes holding your tongue creates the most beautiful harmony.

Remembering the Captured Soldiers

The moment we forget Gilad, Eldad, and Udi, they're lost.

Hunting for Blessings

I was having a terrible morning until I spent an hour waiting in line for the ATM.

Love is not a Luxury

Our love for our children -- and our ability to express that love -- will ultimately make them or break them.

Passover: Rising from the Ashes

Why I will never forget David Chatuel.

Purim: Best Director

Scorsese move over. Purim reminds us who is really sitting in the director's chair.

Opening Your Window

Is your window open or shut to the world?

A Chicago Bears Fan in Paris

There is no place like home. But where is home?

Believe In Your Child

A comedian's guide to Jewish parenting.

A Chanukah Carol

In one moment of silence, my Jewish identity was born.

The Bad Matchmaker

I resolved to make one match a week, for one year. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day. How wrong I was.

Giving Thanks

Don't wait for the Kodak moment.

Blessing Inc

The Puah Institute provides fertility counseling and assistance for couples throughout the world.

One Big Family

It doesn't take a war for a country to unite and feel like family. There's always Sukkot.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Despite my sincere desire to save the world, I never managed to move past rhetoric and idealism to meaningful action. Then I started learning about Judaism.

Homesick, Israeli-Style

It's true, Israel's not perfect. But what do I need perfect for when I've found home?

Rude Awakenings

Why doesn't Israel just make peace?

Every Soldier a Hero

The inspiring story of the hero of the Merkaz Harav massacre.

Giving Thanks

Lincoln's original proclamation was a tribute to the Almighty.

German Mother, Jewish Son

One German mother's extraordinary response to the Holocaust.

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