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Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, an Aish alumni, is the author of over 50 books on Torah philosophy, the weekly parshah sheet PERCEPTIONS, and his site Thirtysix.org. He hosts the “Ask the Rabbi” radio show for Arutz Sheva (Israel National Radio), and is in the process of translating into English "Sha’ar HaGilgulim," the Arizal’s work on reincarnation (completed chapters can be viewed at: http://shaarhagilgulim.thirtysix.org/Shaar_HaGilgulim/Introduction.html).

Why Reincarnation?

Exploring the mystical underpinnings of this misunderstood concept.

Serenity Lost and Found

Early morning in a birthing hospital, amid the joyous sound of a baby's first cry, my wife gave birth to silence.

Boundary of Fear and Love

God told the Jewish people to put a boundary around Sinai. Much more than a white picket fence, this actually represents a deep spiritual concept.

Israel Spiritual Symposium: Assumptions and Reality

The Mideast conflict is about eradicating false assumptions and joining forces with Ultimate Truth.

Holy Sparks #5: Why Not Antarctica?

Some spots on earth are merely storage halls of Holy Sparks, until the time comes for each spark to be released.

Holy Sparks #4: The Purpose of Creation

The physical world contains latent sparks of holiness, waiting for us to draw them out.

Holy Sparks #3: Soul Food

By ingesting food, we feed our soul the holy sparks hidden within.

Holy Sparks #2: The Contractor Who Couldn't Say Good-Bye

Nobody wants to overstay his or her welcome. Jacob spends just enough time in exile to gather the sparks.

Exile and Redemption Part 1: Holy Sparks

Why have Jews been scattered to the four corners of the earth?

Climax of History - Current Events and Kabbalah: Part 3

The flow of world events, highlighted by the September 11 attacks, point to the dramatic culmination of history.

From the Desert to the Holy Land - Current Events and Kabbalah: Part 2

The Jews in Moses' time chose the barren desert over the Holy Land. Jews today are faced with the same fateful decision.

Capital-R Reality

We are witnessing events that shake us and cause a seismic shift in perception. Attaining clarity of what it all means is our goal on Yom Kippur.

Moshiach and the World Today

For millennia, Jews have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Moshiach. Today we need him more than ever.

Destruction of Joseph's Tomb: A Kabbalistic View

Shechem -- where Joseph was sold into slavery and later buried -- is where redemption will begin with acts of destruction.

Prayer #11 - Acknowledging Good

In Hebrew, the word for gratitude can mean "thanks", "praise" and "confession."

Prayer #10 - Upside-down Hourglass

By having the right intention in prayer, we raise the sparks and bring time closer to its ultimate end.

Prayer #9 - Holy Sparks of Energy

The holy sparks of spiritual energy, embedded in the physical, animate the universe and fuel redemption.

Prayer #8: Hear O Israel: Part 3 - Jewish Unity

Embodied in the first verse of the Sh'ma, and its accompanying praise of God's kingdom, is a profound allusion to the unity of the Jewish people.

Prayer #7 - Hear O Israel Part II

If we look at the Sh'ma, the quintessential Jewish prayer, through the eyes of gematria, we can see encoded the mission of Jews in world history.

Prayer #6 - Hear O Israel: Part 1

The message of the Sh'ma is applicable to every Jew at all times, at every conscious moment. It embodies one of the most profound concepts known to man: the Oneness of God.

Prayer #5 - Prayer Role Models

Abraham and Moses knew how to turn every action into an experience of communicating with God. Their very existence became synonymous with "prayer."

Prayer #4 - Feeding the Universe

The physical universe contains a spiritual counterpart that acts as its soul. To thrive, the soul of the universe needs to be nourished by prayer.

Prayer #3 - Praying With Purity

Purity has the power to transform prayer into a focused, uplifting experience. Here are a few simple tools.

Prayer #2 - In Search of Meaningful Prayer

The difference between the words in the seemingly incomprehensible Siddur and those in your heart is your understanding. Here's how to make them one and the same.

Prayer #1: In Search of God and Self

Does prayer seems like a meaningless chore? Here is a fresh look at prayer and what it can do for you.

Soul Matters: #5 Prayer Made Practical

Prayer can be difficult. Here are some practical exercises on how to use it to our advantage.

Soul Matters: #4 - Worlds and Levels of Soul

The levels of soul transform prayer into a spiritual elevator that takes us up into the presence of God.

Soul Matters: #3 - Souls and Prayer

Connecting with the five levels of soul during prayer draws down different aspects of spiritual energy and transforms the prayer experience.

Soul Matters: #2 - Unifying Souls

The five levels of soul channel the light of God into us, but our actions effect the flow of spiritual energy.

Soul Matters: #1 - Real Soul Brothers

The soul is a complex spiritual entity made up of five intricately connected parts, which may explain why at times we feel different degrees of spirituality.

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