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Yoram and Meira Raanan

Yoram Raanan is one of Israel’s most well-known contemporary artists. After graduating in 1975 from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, he traveled and studied throughout Europe and the Near East. He moved to Israel in 1977 and opened his first studio in Jerusalem. Inspired by Israel’s beauty, heritage, and people, Raanan’s art has brought him international acclaim. His paintings are on display in museums, galleries, and collections worldwide. His work often reflects the Bible, nature, and the land of Israel. Click here to order Art of Revelation. . Meira Raanan has been teaching and writing about meditation, religion and art for many years. Her interest in the Biblical narrative began with a degree in Jewish studies at McGill University (Montreal) and developed into the study of Chassidut and Kabbala. She is currently working on a new book, The Lights of Fire about the fire that burned down her husband’s studio and a life time of art work, and the blessings that have emerged from that disaster.

Parsha: Water From the Rock

Parsha: Two-Faced Korach

Parsha: Scouting the Land

Parsha: Menorah Shin

Parsha: Golden Menorah

Parsha: Blessing

Parsha: Tents

Parsha: Walk In My Ways

Parsha: Shofar of Freedom

Parsha: Counting

Parsha: Love Your Neighbor

Parsha: The Goats

Parsha: Purification

Parsha: Childbirth Offering

Parsha: Purity

Parsha: Foreign Fire

Parsha: Elevation

Parsha: Peace Offering

Parsha: Clouds of Glory

Parsha: Gathering

Parsha: Generations of Light

Parsha: Menorah Spreading Light

Parsha: The Cherubim

Parsha: The Book of the Covenant

Parsha: Mount Sinai

Parsha: Crossing the Sea

Parsha: The Plague of Hail

Parsha: Snakes and Staffs

Parsha: Burning Bush

Parsha: Blessings

Parsha: The Brothers

Parsha: Joseph's Banquet

Parsha: Coat of Many Colors

Parsha: The Battle of the Angels

Parsha: Jacob's Ladder

Parsha: Wells

Parsha: Cave of the Patriarchs

Parsha: Hineni - Here I Am

Parsha: Into the Unknown

Parsha: Rainbow Landscape

Parsha: Let There Be Light

Parsha: Gathering

Parsha: Back to the Land

Parsha: First Fruits

Parsha: The Mother Bird

Parsha: The King

Parsha: Blessed and Cursed

Parsha: Flowing with Milk and Honey

Parsha: Entreaties

Parsha: As the Stars of Heaven

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