Shema Yisrael: 8 Facts

Fascinating facts about this central Jewish prayer.

The Shema: Why We Cover Our Eyes

I discovered the answer when our baby was rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening emergency.

Why Kiss the Mezuzah?

How the mezuzah provides a daily connection to spirituality.

Mezuzah: The Inside Story

Complete guide to making your doorpost Jewish. But will it protect your home?

What is the Significance of the Kippah?

Uncovering the deeper meaning of this Jewish symbol.

Yizkor: The Memorial Prayer Service

A basic explanation of the what, how and why of this meaningful prayer.

Seven Steps to an Easy Fast

Giving new meaning to the term "fast food."

A Peek into the Jewish Prayer Book

An informal tour of the daily prayers.

Kippah: A Blessing On Your Head

It is perhaps the most instantly identifiable mark of a Jew. When and why do we wear a kippah?

6 Constant - #6 - Don't Be Misled By Your Heart and Eyes

Enjoy the pleasures of the physical world. But don't make materialism an end unto itself.

6 Constant - #5 - Fear God

Human instinct is to run from fear. Judaism teaches that fear of God is a positive motivator for greatness.

6 Constant - #4 - Love God

A passionate desire to connect with the Almighty is a constant human striving. How do we know if we're connecting?

6 Constant - #3 - God Is One

Life is full of distractions from the underlying reality of God's existence.

6 Constant - #2 - Don't Believe In Any Other Power

Who runs the world? Staying focused on God is a constant life challenge.

6 Constant - #1 - Know There is a God

Cultivate the greatest possible relationship with the greatest possible benefits.

God Is in the Details

Why do Jews obsess about details, and why do we need so many mitzvot anyway?

Mikvah Misconceptions

Going to the mikvah is not about getting clean. It’s about getting alive.

My Modesty Revolution

Dressing modestly states: I am defined by who I am inside, not by what I look like on the outside.

Four Steps to Effective Prayer

Am I talking to a wall? And doesn’t God already know what I need?

Women and Mitzvot in Judaism

Setting the foundation for Jewish family life.

3. Women and Mitzvot

Setting the foundation for Jewish family life.

The Meaning of Kaddish

The message of the Kaddish prayer - remembering your mission in this world.


How to gain some meta-physical "fringe" benefits.

17. Tzitzit

How to gain some meta-physical "fringe" benefits.

Reasons for Commandments

Exploring the meaning of the Jewish laws elevates their performance to an act that makes a spiritually significant impact on our lives.

Isn't Water Kosher?

Kosher symbols are everywhere: on sugar, coffee... even spring water. Do these products really need kosher supervision?

Philosophy of Food

Medicine for the body or salve for the soul?

Why Are There Commandments?

The big picture of all those details.

Beauty Industry Vs. Modesty

How the media is destroying our self image and what we can do about it.

When the Holidays Are Over

The most important days of the year are about to begin.

Martha Stewart's Matzah Factory Tour

Take an inside look at how Streit's bakes its matzahs.

Don't Add or Subtract

The mitzvot are immutable.

How to Put on a Tallit

A step-by-step video guide. Get it right!

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

Do you feel like you're talking to a wall when you pray? Here's five key tools for getting your prayers answered.

Taking the Spiritual Dive

Mikvah for the thoroughly modern woman

ABCs of Kosher

Which animals are kosher? How must kosher food be prepared? And why keep kosher in the first place?

Seeking the Sacred Feminine

The Da Vinci Code gets Judaism's view of the Sacred Feminine all wrong.

The Nuts and Bolts of Prayer

The primary purpose of prayer is to get close to God.

Lively Introduction to Blessings

Showing gratitude for all God's goodness.

Lively Introduction to Prayer

Tapping into one of the most potent forces in the universe.

The Commandments: Part Two

Understanding the reason behind the mitzvot.

The Commandments: Part One

Understanding the origin and obligation of mitzvot.

Judaism and Martyrdom

Understanding those extraordinary times when a Jew must give his life for God.

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