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What Does Kosher Mean Literally?

Understanding the laws of kosher food.

Do You Like Slow-Cooked Food? Thank the Jews

Our favorite Jewish slow cooker recipes.

Everyone – and Everything – Is Going to Die, and That’s Okay

The fact that the Universe will inevitably come to an end seems pretty unsettling at first glance. Are there any good reasons to be optimistic despite it?

Why Kosha Dillz, the Rapper, Is Pickled

The rapper gets philosophic about his Jewish identity and talks about his recent viral successes.

Sing for Peace: Jerusalem Youth Chorus Breaks Down Barriers

Micah Hendler is using music to transcend limitations.

Latkes Are an Essential Hanukkah Food, Even If They Haven’t Been Around Very Long

Most timeless traditions aren’t that old, but so what? They play an important role in celebrating the holiday.

How to Stop an Intermarriage. Or Not.

Intermarriage says a lot less about who people marry, and a lot more about our inability to communicate our heritage and values.

In Defense of Having Babies

Child-freedom combines the freedom from responsibility of being a child with the independence and means of being an adult. But can you really have your cake and eat it, too?

Myth: You Can’t get Buried in a Jewish Cemetery If You have a Tattoo

Not true, you can. Having a tattoo won’t prevent you from getting buried in a Jewish cemetery.

There’s No Hebrew Word For Race

In Jewish thought, skin color has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

What is the Meaning of An Eye for an Eye?

The Torah isn't talking about punitive damages; it’s speaking of compensatory, or monetary damages.

Heaven and Hell Explained

The afterlife is the place where the person you chose to be encounters the person you had the potential to be. That shouldn’t make you nervous.

Kreplach Isn’t Something to Fight About

Explaining hidden holidays and their Ashkenazi-centric association with kreplach.

Jews Don’t Sin

The Hebrew language doesn’t have a word for “sin,” although not everyone agrees.

You Have No Rights, Only Responsibilities

I don't have rights? What does that even mean?

Acting Your Age

Be a different person tomorrow than you are today.

The Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy Camp's Jewish Roots

David Fishof makes dreams come true, while staying committed to his Jewish values.

Music Is the Highest

For Daniel Zamir, making music is the ultimate spiritual experience.

Meet Ethiopian-Born Israeli Singer, Gili Yalo

The singer opens up about his music and journey of self-discovery.

The Hamas Miracle

How did a terrorist organization sworn to Israel’s destruction, using human shields, firing rockets at populated areas become the good guys and Israel the bad?

Almost Anonymous

Meet the man behind the some of the most well-known Jewish songs.

The Wisdom of the Rolling Stones

5 Jewish lessons from the world’s greatest band.

Jewish on the Outside

Eli Schwebel’s journey to discovering his heart.

Unconditionally Mom

Why your mom doesn't hate you even though she should.

Judaism, Sacrifice, and the Education of Alex Clare

Before he became famous, the observant pop star gave up his career in order to stick to his Jewish beliefs.

Requiem for a Nightmare

A story of survival and a libretto for six million.

Klezmer’s Virtuoso

Patience and perseverance: Andy Statman’s journey through Judaism and music.

Black Jewish Rapper

His name is Nissim – which means miracles in Hebrew. An apt description of his life.

How to Spell Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the only holiday that freaks out your spell check. And that confusion is deeper than you think.

Judaism Is Radical

Being a Jew means being part of the counter-culture.

Avoiding Life's Freakouts

Thinking about the meaning of life.

Breakfast with Tzvi: Black Sabbath

A lesson for life from the heavy metal world of rock n roll.

The Torah’s PIN Number

Identifying information that only the author knows.

How to Say Thank You

It's all in the details.

Breakfast with Tzvi: Shwarma!

Living with the awareness of a connoisseur.

Breakfast with Tzvi: Volunteering

I got totally wiped out, and loved it.

Breakfast with Tzvi: Winning the Race

Who's the real champion in life?

Radical Jews

The New Jews are really the Old Jews.

Marriage: For Women Only

How to make your husband feel like he's your knight in shining armor.

Marriage: For Men Only

A step-by-step survival guide.

Hope, Jews, and the Boston Red Sox

Years of heartbreak, disaster, close-calls, cosmic blunders -- and the people still had hope and hung on.

Revolutionary Shofar

Being a Jew means being part of the counter-culture.

Shwarma: A Love Story

Sometimes a person needs to meditate and think about things. Most of the time he just needs to eat something greasy.

Bad Attitude: A True Story For Yom Kippur

"My career was still stuck in neutral. I wasn't working. I wasn't doing anything to get things going either, except blaming my roomate for ruining my life with his success."

Lost in Berlin

Deiter turned Ben on to German beer. They were having an amazing time. Until Ben got lost with no money and no map...

Knee Deep

When playing in a band produces a high that never lasts, one is forced to look elsewhere for fulfillment. But how can Judaism compare to Fuzzy Walter?

Jazz and the Abstract Truth

A story of one man's spiritual journey that took some unusual twists and turns -- jazz studies, African drumming, pretending to be Malcolm X.

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