Why Bats Sleep Upside Down and The Secret of Yom Kippur

Sara Yoheved Rigler

High Ideals, Murder and Me: What It Means to be Good

Cuomo’s pardon, God’s pardon and Yom Kippur’s forgiveness.

Meaningful Yom Kippur at Home

Focus on these major themes of the Day of Atonement.

Strategic Repentance: Creative Ways to Make Yourself Do the Right Thing

Change your environment in order to avoid your triggers.

The Right to be Forgotten

Erasing your actions is a lot harder than deleting an internet post. Here's what it takes.

Shoes and the Secret of Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur provides the unique opportunity to transcend our physical limitations and embrace our truest sense of self.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Neuroplasticity, Yom Kippur and Real Change

Jewish principles for change have been corroborated by recent discoveries in brain science.

Yom Kippur: Making a You-Turn

Are you travelling in the wrong direction?

The Psychopath Inside: Yom Kippur, Free Will & Determinism

How a happily married family man and accomplished scientist could demonstrate the same anatomical markings of serial killers.

PODCAST: Yom Kippur: God’s Reset Button

Rabbi Berel Wein sheds light on the gift of a clean slate.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Stephen Sondheim and the Great Yom Kippur Morality Play

The perils of the unexamined life.

Dancing Around the Golden Calf

Change is only possible if we truly regret what we did.

Build Yourself Up, Don’t Beat Yourself Down

5 ideas to keep in mind to turn Yom Kippur into a day of empowerment.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Yom Kippur and the Secret to a Happy Life

The connection between envy and the holiest day of the year.

Learning to Forgive

Five ways to let go this Yom Kippur.

Who Will Live, Who Will Die

A contemporary explanation to the High Holiday’s most moving prayer.

The Forgotten Supper

The biggest activity we do on Yom Kippur is not repenting; it is apologizing.

The Anxiety and Joy of Teshuvah

How to wrestle with the guilt of repentance and the joy of change.

Hezbollah’s Yom Kippur Message

The door to holiness is in you. It’s the one marked "mistakes."

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Yom Kippur: The Blessing of Failure

Recognizing our shortcomings is the only way to achieve success in life.

The Yom Kippur Dare

Do I ask God for another chance, a chance I know I don’t deserve?


Yom Kippur: Partner Track

Does God really care about the nuances of my life?

What Yom Kippur Does NOT Atone For

Pick up the phone and call that person you haven’t been speaking to.


Meaning or randomness: confronting mutually exclusive worldviews on Yom Kippur.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Yom Kippur and the 10th Commandment

The secret to a happy life.


Drop Your Bags!

An inspiring Yom Kippur video.

The Allure of Kol Nidrei

Getting to the essence of who we really are.

Yom Kippur: A Day of Reconciliation

Stop the blaming and start taking responsibility for your relationships.

It's Not My Fault

A strategy for a meaningful Yom Kippur.

To Become Like Angels

On Yom Kippur we can taste spiritual perfection by relinquishing our innate ability to choose as we attempt to blend our own will with that of God's.

Judgment Tempered With Mercy

Is Yom Kippur a day of atonement or a day of judgment?

Goat for Azazel

The ultimate choice of good vs. evil.

Holy of Holies

It is the holiest space in the Jewish world. It is also the holiest space inside each one of us. The Holy of Holies. Plunge the depths...

In the Palace of the King

God is our Father in Heaven and the King of the Universe. Connecting to that source is the yearning of every human being.

Yom Kippur Gratitude

Yom Kippur is all about remorse, contrition, and repentance. Where does gratitude fit into the picture?

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