The High Holidays

Step Right Up

A Rosh Hashana Story

Fixing the World: Rosh Hashana Family Parsha

In our story a girl makes a change for the better, and is glad she did.

Fun Activities

Have fun with these mazes, puzzles, word search and more!

Let's Count What Really Counts

Which book does Mr. Korn use to sum up his wealth?

The Magic Bus: Yom Kippur Family Parsha

Find out how two friends experience the joy of forgiveness.

The Charity Dilemma

Judy has a tough decision to make. What would you do?

The Buzzer

"How is it that every time there is a buzz, waiters come out with food?"

The Little Musician

Piano playing...candy dish...policemen...a little girl runs away from home...

I'm Sorry

Adam accused Jonathan for taking his ball, even though he didn't know for sure that he took it.

Dr. Mitzva and the Rosh Hashana Favor

"What will we do on Rosh Hashana without a shofar? Dr. Mitzvah you are the only one who can help us!"

The King's Secret

Usually we imagine kings as being very distant and separate from their people. The story teaches us that it's not always true.

Rosh Hashanah For Mrs. Levine

A little boy feels guilty for bothering an old lady and ends up arranging a beautiful Rosh Hashanah meal for her.

Dina's New Markers

Adventures of Danny
and Dina

In Danny's House

Adventures of Danny
and Dina

Ship Ahoy!

Adventures of Danny
and Dina

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