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The Little Musician

May 9, 2009 | by Yair Kobernick

Piano playing...candy dish...policemen...a little girl runs away from home...

"Do re me fa so la ti do," came the music from the baby grand piano. "Mommy," called Dina. "I know how to play very nicely. Can you hear me?"

"Yes," said Mommy from the kitchen. She was busy baking a cake. "It is music to my ears."

Dina knew that she really didn't know how to play the piano, and that her Mommy just said so to make her feel good.

Dina continued to bang the keys with her two forefingers, and Mommy tried to ignore the noise. She didn't mind letting her daughter sit at the piano. Perhaps it would develop into a love for music. After all, maybe someday Dina would begin taking lessons.

Then Dina had a great idea. On the wing of the piano was a metal candy dish. It was a dish of candy that Mommy left out for guests. Very carefully she poured out the candies and put them aside. "This dish will be perfect for my music," she thought. She put the edge of the dish on the highest key of the piano and then pulled it along all of the other keys. "Wow, that was nice. Just like a real song," she said.

Back and forth she dragged the dish on all of the piano keys. From the highest note to the lowest. It sounded like a professional concerto. "Mommy, can you hear me?" she called. But Mommy was on the telephone now and couldn't answer her.

Then Dina stopped and looked closely at the black and white keys. They didn't look the same as they did before. She couldn't figure out why there were lines all over them. On every single key there were what looked like scribbles. It was as if someone had taken a pen and scribbled all over them. "Who could have done that," she thought. When she looked even closer and tried to wipe off the scribbles, she realized that it wasn't from a pen. The keys were scratched. The white ones and the black ones. All of them. Every single one of them. And the scratches didn't come off when she tried rubbing them with her hand.

"Oh no, what am I going to do?" cried Dina. "Mommy is going to be so upset with me. I shouldn't have used the candy dish to play the piano."

Dina heard her mother hang up the phone. "Hey Dina, that music sounds so nice. You're getting really good." Dina was scared what her Mommy would say and do when she saw the damage, so she quickly ran out the back door and hid outside. She couldn't hear what was happening in the house but she imagined the worst. "Mommy must be looking for me at the piano. She is going to see the candy dish and then the scratches on all of the keys. Gosh, she will be so upset," Dina thought to herself. "And what about when Daddy gets home. The baby grand piano isn't even a year old."

"Dina, Dina, where are you?" her Mother called. Dina decided to go further away from the house to make sure she wouldn't be found. Certainly she would soon start looking for her outside. Dina ran two blocks away and hid in the bushes near the park.

Dina got very tired and eventually she fell asleep.

All of a sudden Dina woke up to the sound of barking dogs! "Oh no," Dina thought. "What's going on?" She looked up and saw two policemen with a crowd of people coming towards her. "Was playing the piano with a candy dish so bad that the police are after me?" thought Dina.

"There she is, there she is. That must be her," said one of the policemen holding the leash of a dog. As he came close to her he said, "Dina, is that you? Is your name Dina?"

"Yes," she answered. Dina couldn't believe it. Policemen? Now she was in big trouble!

"Dina," the other policeman said. "We've been looking for you for hours. Your mother is worried that something terrible happened to you. Here comes your mother now. Go, run to her, she's been so worried!"

All of a sudden, Dina felt terrible. It was bad enough that she ruined the piano keys, but now she also made her Mommy worry so much! Dina got up and called, "Mommy, Mommy, I'm coming!" Her mother started running too. They ran towards each other and Dina threw herself into her Mommy's arms.

"Dina, Dina, I'm so happy to see you." She hugged Dina tight and said, "Where were you? We called the police and the neighbors to look all over for you. We were so worried that something happened to you. Thank God we found you, are you OK?"

"Yes Mommy," sniffled Dina.

"I want you to know that I'll always love you no matter what. You can always talk to me Dina. The key in life is to face up to our problems, and not to run away from them."

"Even it means facing scratched keys?" asked Dina.

"Even if it means facing scratched keys," said Mommy.

God is like a loving parent. Whenever we do something wrong, even if it was something really bad, we need to remember that God loves us and is always waiting for us to come back to Him. Instead of running away and hiding the fact that we've done something wrong, let's face up to it and deal with it. Hiding our wrong doings is like running away from God. God is like a parent whose love is always there no matter what. Just as a parent is happy to find his or her lost child, so too God is always happy to find His lost children.

Q. Dina didn't know that the dish would scratch the keys. Once she realized it though, what could she have done?
A. Tell her mother the truth and apologize.

Q. What made Dina run away?
A. The fear of facing up to the truth.

Q. Does God love us less for doing things that are wrong?
A. Absolutely not. However, we are expected to always try to be better people.

Q. Have you ever run away from a problem? What could have you done instead?

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