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Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan was a multi-faceted, prolific exponent of Jewish thought -- skilled in both Kabbalah and Jewish law, as well as the natural sciences (he was listed in "Who’s Who in Physics"). He suffered an untimely death at age 48.

God and Jewish Belief

God is both the Force of creation, and the Director of history.

Respect for Holy Objects

Taking care not to erase the written name of God.

All About the Messiah

Descendent of King David, he will usher in an era of world peace.

The Oral Tradition

In many respects, the Oral Torah is more important than the Written Torah.

The Nuts and Bolts of Prayer

The primary purpose of prayer is to get close to God.

God's Masterplan

The world is one long chain of events, dating all the way back to Adam.

Fate and Destiny

God predetermines a person's basic lifespan, wealth and opportunities -- but leaves ample room for free choice.

Uniqueness of the Jewish People

Torah is the candle and Israel is its wick, causing the light of God to shine forth.

The Essence of Mankind

Human beings are defined by the power of free will.

Understanding God

The Creator of space and time is from all existence.

Reward and Punishment

Striking a balance between this temporal world and the eternal afterlife.

Divine Inspiration: Part Two

An explanation of who can receive prophecy, when and how.

Divine Inspiration: Part One

The mechanics of receiving a direct spiritual revelation.

Sanctity of Torah Scrolls

Our special relationship with sacred books.

The Commandments: Part Two

Understanding the reason behind the mitzvot.

The Commandments: Part One

Understanding the origin and obligation of mitzvot.

The Soul

Understanding the source of our soul and its eternal essence.

Judaism and Martyrdom

Understanding those extraordinary times when a Jew must give his life for God.

The Jewish Court System

Qualifications for a Jewish judge and the operation of the Sanhedrin.

Writing the Torah

Who composed the original Torah? How is a scroll written today? Is our current text accurate?

Jewish View of Money

The Torah manner of giving charity, respecting others' property, and dealing honestly in business.

Matters of Life and Death

An exploration of the three cardinal transgressions, legal guidelines in coercive circumstances, and the obligation to save another's life.

Preservation of Life

Human life is a premier value in Jewish life, often superseding other concerns.

Belief in God

Strengthening one's intellectual understanding and emotional connection to the Divine.

Mutual Responsibility

All Jews are responsible to keep one another on the proper path.

The Rules of Halacha

Jewish law is determined through an exacting process of metaphysical science, handed down from Sinai.

Respecting God in Speech

A comprehensive guide to the philosophy and laws of pronouncing the Name of God.

The Real You

What is the root of immortality and the soul?

World of Love #8 - Physical-Spiritual Unity

The greatest satisfaction is accomplishing in a world where God is hidden.

World of Love #7 - The Possibility of Evil

God may make it difficult for us to approach Him in order to increase our eventual reward.

World of Love #6 - Doing Good Unto Others

Doing good unto others is a key component of spiritual health.

World of Love #5 - Closeness to God

The existence of good and evil allows man to make the right choice, and merit greater closeness to God.

World of Love #4 - Glow of Accomplishment

One of the highest human pleasures is that of accomplishment -- completing a job well done.

World of Love #3 - Uniqueness of Mankind

The gift of a Divine soul separates man from the rest of God's creatures.

World of Love #2 - Perceiving the Infinite

What ultimate good does God offer His creations? Our ability to connect to Him.

World of Love #1 - Purpose of Creation

God's motivation for creating the world sheds light on our own life goals.

If You Were God

We often question God's ways. But given the chance, how would we do things differently?

God and Nature

All events, large and small, ultimately result from God's will.

The Pre-Messianic Era

A burst in technology, a drop in morality, and the Jewish return to Israel are all predicted as precursors to the Messiah.

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