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Aleeza Ben Shalom

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a professional dating coach, in-demand speaker, expert, and author of the new book Virtual Dating: Your guide to Relationships in a Socially Distanced World and Get Real, Get Married, your guide to “get over your hurdles and under the chuppah.” The founder of the company Marriage MindedMentor, which connects singles from around the world with dating coaches, Aleeza and her team guide singles through the steps to become engaged – regardless of age, affiliation, or stage in life. A regularly featured expert in the media, Aleeza's relationship advice has appeared everywhere from BBC World News, to NPR to Aish.com. You may also recognize Aleeza from her appearance in the web series Soon By You or Eli Talks. Men and women worldwide work with Aleeza and her team to break through patterns and cultivate relationships that lead to marriage. She trains dating coaches and matchmakers and has helped hundreds of singles manifest their soulmate. Aleeza is a dedicated wife and loving mother of 5 children. To learn more visit: MarriageMindedMentor.com

Should I Break Up, Get Engaged or Keep Dating?

What to do when you don’t know if this is the one.

4 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate

Really listen, positivity, preparation and humility.

Getting to “I Do”

4 steps to help you clarify if this is your soul mate.

Perfect on Paper: Why the Paper Version of Your Date is Better Than Reality

Why you shouldn't be disappointed when your date does not match you were envisioning.

Dating Extroverts

Tips for dating someone naturally outgoing.

Three Tips to Dating an Introvert

How to overcome some of the challenges in dating someone who is socially very different than you.

Money and Dating

Finding a great relationship is difficult, so don’t let money get in the way.

Dating and Emotional Intimacy

A date-by-date journey towards a closer connection.

How Not to Bore Your Date

Mastering the art of conversation.

Dating Makeover for the New Year

Three ways to dive into your dating makeover.

8 Dating Rules You Should Break

Debunking common misleading advice.

How to Reduce Your Dating Jitters

Being nervous is totally normal. Here are few practical ideas to help you manage your dating anxiety.

Virtual Date Ideas

What to do to keep online dating from getting stale.

Seder for One: How to Make it Meaningful

All alone for Passover Seder? Don't despair!

Dating in the Age of Corona

How to navigate during times of social distancing, quarantine, and isolation.

Dating After Divorce or Loss

How to put your best self out there again.

The Worst Dating Advice I Ever Received

Do not follow these supposed gems of wisdom.

Dating and Judging People Favorably

How to be inscribed for a good year and merit your soul mate.

When a Date Says No: Turning Rejection into a Blessing

How to preserve your positive attitude while dating.

7 Tips for a Successful First Skype Date

How to make a good first impression on video chat.

Why Women Should Date Nice Guys

Why are so many women attracted to guys that just aren’t so nice?

8 Habits Every Relationship Needs

Creating and adapting positive relationship habits that will increase satisfaction and stability in your relationship.

5 Common Relationship Complaints

And the best way to start working on each one.

4 Ways to Create a Strong Relationship

Four core things you need to do to build a meaningful and happy relationship.

I Like You Because: 30 Sentence Starters for Dating

A practical tool to help you get clarity about your thoughts and feelings, and take your relationship to the next level.

Dating Someone from Another Country

I thought it would be easier than it is.

6 Dating Mantras for the Marriage Minded

My favorite things to say to yourself to keep you focused, positive and grounded when dating.

5 Dating Rules You Should Break

Common advice that’s best not to follow.

Keeping an Open Mind while Dating

Knowing where to be flexible in looking for your soul mate.

7 Ways to Relax and be Less Intense on a Date

Tips for coming across relaxed and approachable so your date can get to know the real you.

Is Ghosting Really that Bad?

When it’s obviously over, isn’t this sometimes the least hurtful path to take?

The Dating Coach’s 49 Blessings for the New Year

Focusing on blessings while you’re working on finding the right one.

5 Ways to Date with Clarity

Why is dating so complicated? Help!

Not Feeling It, Should I Break Up?

My rule of thumb: When in doubt, keep going out.

10 Habits of Green Speech

Change your words, change your life.

How Do I Get a Second Date?

Help! For some reason my first date is always my last.

10 Out-of-the-Box Dating Activities

Tired of sitting in a café? Here are some fun dating ideas for types of couples.

Overcoming Dating Anxiety

7 practical tips to calm yourself down and focus on connecting with your date.

5 Techniques for Meaningful Conversation in Dating

How to go from casual conversation to a deep, meaningful one.

Doubts in Dating

I’m just not sure if this feels right. What should I do?

How to Survive When You’re Not Dating

Practical tips to keep going when there’s no prospect in sight.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself after a Date

Some practical guidance for clarifying your post-date thoughts and feelings.

5 Ways to Show a Woman You’re Interested

How to give off the right signals to your date.

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