Dating Makeover for the New Year

September 29, 2020

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Three ways to dive into your dating makeover.

Routine can be a comforting and beautiful part of life, but if there is too much of it – especially when it comes to dating – it can keep us from having important and new experiences that can prepare us to meet our soul mate. When we find ourselves stuck in a pattern that is not bringing us closer to the chuppah, it is important to find ways to refresh ourselves and to revamp our dating life. This is where a new year dating makeover can help us to make a change and get different results.

Here are three ways to dive into your dating makeover:

Physical Makeover

Physical makeovers do not necessarily mean that they revolve around physical appearance. What they can be includes being aware of your facial expressions in conversations with others, noticing your posture when you are sitting and walking, eating nutrition-rich foods, changing your accessories, a bit of clothing retail therapy, good hygiene, and much more. Practice taking on new habits that will help you walk a little taller throughout the day.

As you might have noticed the makeover tips suggested here are not only good for your dating life, but for your health in general. This is exactly how it is supposed to be! A large part of the dating process is making sure you feel great about yourself and that you are working to be the soul mate you wish to find.

Emotional Makeover

If you wish to improve your emotional stability and give yourself a boost in your dating journey, you cannot begin without first evaluating where you are emotionally. Think about the insecurities that many of us experience in dating. We ask ourselves: “Am I good enough?” Rejection, commitment, false comparability, a lack of self-confidence, shyness, compatibility issues, and past traumas can make dents in our emotional health. Make your own list of insecurities and worries that you have. Acknowledge them and be aware so that you can actively work on positive thinking to combat the ugly thoughts that might follow you in your dating journey. We must remember the self-care techniques that work for us.

Most importantly, we must love ourselves first, before sharing ourselves with anyone else. As the Torah says, “Love your neighbor as yourself: – in order to love your neighbor you must love yourself first.

If you struggle with mental health struggles and self-love issues, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy relationship. As long as you are getting the support you need and are and consistently working on yourself, anything is possible.

Spiritual Makeover

As mentioned above, growth in our dating life will happen when we are growing in all aspects of our lives. This means being in touch with your spiritual self as well. The essence of connecting with a higher power can look different for all of us. No matter how we connect, it’s important to be growth oriented in terms of our connection, and we must remember who is in charge.

Evaluate how far you have come and make concrete goals for where you wish to be. What is your spiritual agenda? There are always ways to grow!

May you reset and refresh yourself whenever you need and get ready to meet your soul mate.

Photo Credit: Logan Weaver, Unsplash

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