10 Out-of-the-Box Dating Activities

April 27, 2017

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Tired of sitting in a café? Here are some fun dating ideas for types of couples.

Do you find yourself on a date sitting at a coffee shop yet again, wishing you had an idea for something better to do? Whether it's your first date or your 10th, spicing things up and trying an activity you haven’t done before will help you get to know each other on a different level.

  1. For the spontaneous couple. Go to an improv show or class or show together, then grab a coffee and chat about how much fun you had. Laughter is the best thing on a date, especially a first date—it releases good endorphins and makes everyone relax.

  2. For the pet people. Take your dogs for a walk or to the dog park together. Dogs help to put people at ease and make them smile. Bonding with animals can help to bring a couple together. If you’re meant to bond, you do. If there is no spark between you two and you end up paying more attention to the dog than your date, that’s also an easy (and helpful) indicator that you don't want to pursue this relationship.

  3. For the helping couple. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or with a kids’ group. Nothing builds a connection better than working toward a shared goal. And watching someone give to and help others is so attractive. Even if you find there's no chemistry, you won't regret this kind of date.

  4. For the curious couple. Try birding (seriously). Download a birding app and take up a new hobby together, or at least try it for a date. You'll learn so much about the amazing world of birds that are right there in your own city. All you need is a pair of binoculars and patience. This makes for an interesting daytime date.

  5. For the crafty couple. Do something crafty together. Go to a DIY pottery paint shop. Paint outdoors or if you're not so artsy, bring a box of crayons and coloring books and color together while chatting away. Keeping your hands busy will help with any fidgeting and will also give your eyes a break from staring at your date the whole time.

  6. For the eco-friendly green couple. Wanna make the world a better place even while dating? Grab a trash bag and some gloves and hit the streets together. You can't go wrong while bonding over doing good. (Disclaimer: This one is not a first date idea! Wait till you’ve seen each other a few times.)

  7. For the junk-food foodies. Make your own sundae. Arrange for one person to bring 3 flavors of ice cream and cones, and for the other to bring 6 toppings. Set up your ice cream bar and go to town. Talk about your favorite memories and favorite foods.

  8. For the musical couple. Bring your instruments and see if you can play together. Music touches the soul and often takes you deeper than a conversation can. After your jam session, grab a drink together and shmooze the night away.

  9. For the bookworm couple. Prepare your own personal book club date. Read the same book before your date, then grab a coffee and talk the night away about your favorite characters and how much you loved or hated the plot. Then steer the conversation to your favorite authors. You could even share what you would write if you had all the time in the world.

  10. For the game-loving couple. Play Two Truths and a Lie: Share two things about yourself that are true and one thing you simply make up. Have the other person guess which one is the lie. This opens conversations and opportunities to learn about who someone is—and isn't.

Whether it’s an idea above or one of your own, your connection will benefit from trying something new.

Have an out-of-the-box date idea? We wanna know! Share in the comment section below.

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