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Giving Others the Opportunity to Give

Vayikra (Leviticus 1-5 )

by Shoshanna Dresner

Sensitive to people’s economic statuses, the Torah lists different types of sacrifices. Someone unable to bring one of the more ‘expensive’ options, could bring a ‘Korban Mincha’ a simple meal offering made of flour, oil and frankincense.

It is interesting though, that out of the different options it is this offering, the cheapest of all the offerings, that has the merit of partially being eaten by the High Priest and his sons. Why this one?

The Baal Ha-Turim explains that this is a command to the High Priest to not overlook this offering as being insignificant.

One can imagine how the donor, who may have felt bad about bringing the cheapest offering, would have felt as he watched his offering being eaten by the most important people in the Temple! It was a beautiful way of bringing happiness and validating the poor person bringing the offering.

There is an immense pleasure in giving. Accepting something from someone graciously and granting them the opportunity to give can be a great kindness.

Although it may feel counter-intuitive, if a charity collector is offering a small gift as he collects, there can be a kindness in accepting it, and allowing him to give back.

Another example could be asking for, or accepting help from someone who is looking for a meaningful opportunity, or from someone feeling low and unfulfilled.

Allowing someone else to give may feel like taking, and can be uncomfortable, but when done with the intention of making the other person happy, is a beautiful and clever act of kindness

Giving confers dignity. Allow others the opportunity.

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