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Torah Teasers Parshat Vayigash

Vayigash (Genesis 44:18-47:27 )

by Moshe Erlbaum

8 great Torah Teasers.

1. In this parsha, in what context is the number five mentioned? (3 answers)

Yosef informs the brothers that five years of famine remain (Genesis 45:6). Yosef gives Benyamin five suits (Genesis 45:22). Yosef brings five of his brothers to meet Pharaoh (Genesis 47:2).

2. In this parsha, Yosef sends 10 atonot (female donkeys) to Yaakov (Genesis 45:23). Where else in the Torah does someone give a gift of atonot? (2 answers) Where in the Torah does somebody ride on an aton (not a chamor)?

In Genesis 12:16, Pharaoh gives Avraham many gifts, including 10 atonot. In Genesis 32:16, Yaakov sends Esav 20 atonot as part of a gift. In Numbers 22:22, Bilaam rides on an aton when traveling to curse the Jewish people.

3. In this parsha, who is referred to with his name being repeated? Who else in Tanach is called with the repetition of his name? (3 answers)

Hashem calls "Yaakov, Yaakov" when he heads down to Egypt (Genesis 46:2). In Genesis 22:11, Avraham's name is repeated by the angel to stop him from slaughtering his son Yitzhak. In Exodus 3:4, Moshe's name is repeated when Hashem calls to him at the burning bush. Hashem repeats Shmuel's name when He speaks to him for the first time (1-Shmuel 3:10).

4. Where in this parsha does someone respond with the word "Hineini" - "Here I am"? Where else in the book of Genesis does someone respond with "Hineini"? (7 answers)

When Hashem calls to Yaakov on his way down to Egypt, he answers "Hineini" - "Here I am" (Genesis 46:2). In Parshas Vayeira, Avraham replies "Hineini" three times: when Hashem calls upon him to do the Akeida, when he replies to Yitzhak on their way to the Akeida, and when he responds to the angel's call to stop the Akeida (Genesis 22:1, 7, 11). There are four more times where someone responds with "Hineini": Esav's response to Yitzhak's request to prepare meal before he blesses him (Genesis 27:1); when Yaakov comes to receive the blessing, Yitzhak responds "Hineini" (Genesis 27:18); Yaakov recalls a dream where he responded to an angel, "Hineini" (Genesis 31:11); when Yaakov calls to Yosef to check on his brothers, Yosef responds "Hineini" (Genesis 37:13).

5. Which two females from Yaakov's family does the Torah explicitly state as traveling down to Egypt?

Dina and Serach bat Asher are the only females specifically listed as traveling down to Egypt (Genesis 46:15, 17).

6. Who has two sons with the rhyming names Mupim and Chupim?

Two of Benyamin's sons are named Mupim and Chupim (Genesis 46:21).

7. Where in this parsha do things not add up?

The Torah states that 66 of Yaakov's descendents went down to Egypt (Genesis 46:26). It then states that three people (Yosef and his two sons) were already there. Yet the Torah then states the total number in Yaakov's household as 70 (Genesis 46:27). [The most well-known explanation is that Yocheved was born between the walls on the way down to Egypt, as quoted by Rashi.]

8. What part of the body is mentioned four times in this parsha?

The neck is mentioned four times in this parsha: Yosef cries on the neck of Binyamin, and Binyamin cries on the neck of Yosef (Genesis 45:14). Yosef falls on the neck of Yaakov, and then cries on his neck (Genesis 46:29).

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