The Existential Blues

Crawling Towards God

An encounter with the Unknowables: faith, prayer, and a Force beyond the self.

Ask a Philosopher: What is the Purpose of Hatred?

We asked young people what their most burning philosophical questions are. In order to answer them, we went and asked some of today’s leading thinkers.

What If Every Nation is "The Chosen People?"

The term "Chosen" has long confused both lovers and haters of the Jewish People.

Does Einstein’s Favorite Philosopher Really Deny Free Will?

Free will issues. It's complicated.

Baruch Spinoza: Genius, Jew, Heretic

The Jewish struggle with the ideas of a philosopher who left the fold.

Spinoza: A Superb Intellect Sacrificed on the Altar of Human Arrogance

Despite his brilliance, Spinoza's philosophy isn't quite as rational as it appears.

My Strange Relationship with Daniel Pearl

The wild twist of fate that united musician Peter Himmelman with the late journalist Daniel Pearl.

How to Deal with Your Mortality

Humanity has developed a number of approaches to contend with the ultimate question. Which one is best?

Bob Dylan and the Philosophy of Modern Song

Reflections on the music and spirituality of a rock legend.

The Hidden Mental Life of Bats

Explaining the mystery of consciousness by contemplating the bat.

Homeschooling and the Purpose of Jewish Education

Jews have always embraced the idea of a customized education. A small vanguard is now taking it to the next level.

Angel Meets Ape: The Body/Soul Conundrum

The uncomfortable conclusions of a purely physical universe.

The Transcendent Power of Names

How the act of naming things links the philosophical and Kabbalistic worlds.

Judaism and Human Creativity

The creation narrative in Genesis offers insights on how and why humans create.

Where Are We? The Body, Brain, Soul Problem

Does our consciousness reside in our bodies, beyond them, or both?

Max Planck and The Mind Who is the Matrix of all Matter

A man of science and faith who discovered a world.

When Hope Is Irrational

Hope is a beautiful thing. Does it have a shelf life?

Can Philosophy Prove Anything?

If science can't prove or disprove something, can philosophy?

The Spiritual Benefits of a Medical Scare

Don’t let a crisis go to waste.

The Horse: A Path to Peace of Mind

What's the best perspective to be able to keep calm in a turbulent world?

Near Death Experience in Ancient Jewish Sources

Is the Near Death Experience a purely modern phenomenon or are there credible sources that support it in ancient texts?

Mathematical Evidence for Miracles?

Is there such a thing as a mathematically inexplicable event?

Are Humans Hopelessly Corrupt?

Can the human heart be tamed through education or is humanity permanently enslaved to their passions?

Scientific Curiosity and the Divine Encounter

Where Do the Laws of Nature Come From?

Why should matter behave in any particular way? Where are these laws written?

Faith: A Lot Deeper Than You Think

What if faith is more reliable than logic?

How Can You Detect God if You Can't See Him?

Science is adept at detecting and measuring that which is not directly detectable.

How to Become Immortal

The "afterlife" is only what we make of it.

Dylan, Kierkegaard, and the Binding of Isaac

However you slice it, the binding of Isaac is a story that begs for interpretation.

Math and the Mind of God

According to the German mathematician Georg Cantor, there are three levels of existence: the physical universe, the human mind, and the Mind of God.

Our Messy Ethical Lives

There are some scenarios in life when no matter what you choose, it's gonna get ugly.

Hillel and Aristotle, Shammai and Plato

There are always two ways to approach life - top down and bottom up. Which one is better?

Can Science Disprove God?

Can anything ever prove something's non-existence?

The Moment Scientists Become Anti-Science

The scientific method is one of the most remarkably accurate tools for comprehending our reality. But when it comes to using it for origin of life, some scientists jump ship.

Love and Absurdity

To Albert Camus, a hero is someone who can accept the bleak meaninglessness of life and press forward nonetheless. Is there no better option?

Faith: the Axis Upon Which the Wheel of Science Turns

Beneath every "fact" lies a series of assumptions that cannot be proven. Like it or not, even science requires a leap of faith.

Is There a Moral Code in a Virtual World?

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the world and our place in it. Are there any real rules in a virtual universe?

Science Enters the Mysterious Inner World of Consciousness

Does everything in the universe have some sort of consciousness? Some philosophers and scientists say that it does.

Can a Moral Truth Ever Change?

Can a moral truth ever change or does morality need constant upgrading to be truly moral?

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Ram Dass: The Jew in the Guru

Within the famous Hindu spiritual teacher beat a distinctly Jewish heart.

Prayer: a Strange (Yet Very Popular) Human Activity

If we assume that God is good, He will always do what's best for us. If that's true, then why do we need to pray to Him?

Charles Darwin: Anti-Prejudice, Pro-Bible Revolutionary

Darwin was neither the darling of the atheist nor the villain of the theist.

Help, I Don't Exist!

How can a material entity be consciously aware of itself?

Can We Still Believe in a Soul?

​​Is there really any such thing as a soul? If so, what's the evidence for it? And if not, is it time to let it go?

The Strange Face of Change

Is change a fundamental feature of existence that is always occurring or is it simply an illusion?

Why We Can’t See True Reality

Is reality determined only by that which can be measured and quantified, or is there an aspect of reality that transcends measurement?

Consciousness and Psychedelics

For hundreds of years, philosophers have wrestled with "the hard problem of consciousness." Can the psychedelic experience teach us anything new about it and about reality itself?

Most Philosophy is Just Noise

Big ideas can be so complex and often seem so unsolvable. Is the best move just not to bother with them?

The Atheist's Faith

There are a lot of atheists out there. Does it actually require faith to maintain that position?

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