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Rabbi Moshe Averick

Rabbi Moshe Averick was a teacher of theology, spirituality and religious philosophy for nearly 30 years. He passed away in Jan, 2021. Many of his students have gone on to become educators and rabbinic leaders in North America, England, and Israel. He was known for his singular ability to explain complex topics in clear, understandable language and - to borrow the description of one University of Chicago-trained philosopher of science – his "wicked" sense of humor. Rabbi Averick ran educational programs at UCLA and Northridge University in Los Angeles, and then became one of the founding faculty members of Aish Toronto and later at the Shaalvim Rabbinical Seminary in Israel. In 2007 he moved back to Chicago. Hewas the proud father and grandfather of eight children and six grandchildren. Rabbi Averick was also a floor trader in the S&P pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and wrote and produced an album of spiritual acoustic rock, Feet on the Ground. He was the author of Nonsense of a High Order: The Confused and Illusory World of the Atheist.

The Moment Scientists Become Anti-Science

The scientific method is one of the most remarkably accurate tools for comprehending our reality. But when it comes to using it for origin of life, some scientists jump ship.

A Reasonable Argument for God’s Existence?

Responding to atheists' seven main objections against my presentation of the Argument from Design.

The Design Argument: Answers to Atheists' Objections

Turns out Richard Dawkins' watchmaker has 20/20 vision after all.

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