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Danny Verbov

Danny Verbov specializes in writing and producing beautifully crafted legacy books, transmitting a family's history, values and messages to their future generations. Contact him at dverbov@014.net.il or through his Facebook page.

Velvele's Shoe

From the Death March to Israel, a piece of leather connects generations.

Parenting Plagues

My experience with two of the ten plagues and what they taught me about parenting.

Pomelos and Ketchup

The perfect gifts are those that say, "I really thought about what to give you."

When Your Child has Cancer

14 lessons in faith and hope from a father who’s been there.

The Angel in Shiny Shoes

One child’s determination and the kindness of a stranger. A true story.

The FedEx Guide to Self-Forgiveness

When you absolutely, positively have to forgive yourself overnight.

Seven Ways You Can Help Israel

Israel needs your help. Here's what you can do.

The Swifts and The 13 Holy Soldiers

Reminders of what it means to be a Jew.

The Jewish Art of Reflectology

How to preserve your sanity and reach the ultimate purpose of life.

Roadblocks of the Spirit

An Israeli reserve soldier describes his experience guarding a roadblock.

No More Watermelon

A tour of duty in the Israeli army shows one man the pain of a nation, and the pain of a family.

A Letter From the Front Line

This letter was written by Danny Verbov, the director of Aish HaTorah's Danny Frei Jerusalem Fellowship Program, and sent to the global Aish HaTorah family.

Winning the Internal Battle

Inspired by Israel's soldiers, how can we fight to free our higher selves?

A Wing and a Prayer

Rushing to my grandfather's funeral, I got in sync with my GPS.

The Eternal Bond

The everlasting message of tefillin -- from Bergen-Belsen to a Jerusalem oncology ward.

When the World Stopped

Six large lessons from one small intestine.

Purim & the Secret of Sunsets

How do we find joy after experiencing such an enormous tragedy?

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