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Rabbi Hillel Goldberg

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg is editor and publisher of the Intermountain Jewish News (IJN) and his column in the IJN is the longest-running weekly column in Jewish journalism. He has won more Rockower Awards for excellence in Jewish journalism than any other person. His doctoral thesis on Rabbi Salanter, Israel Salanter: Text, Structure, Idea (Ktav) was awarded the Academic Book of the Year by Choice. Two of his other groundbreaking works, The Fire Within (Artscroll/Mesorah) and Between Berlin and Slobodka (Ktav), have just been reprinted. His most recent book is Countdown to Shabbos: Bringing Shabbos into the Week, Bringing the Week into Shabbos (OU Press/Menucha).

Thank God for the Unanswered Prayers

Sometimes it’s the events that seem so wrong that end up saving us.

The Angels in Hell

“On a scale of one to 10, how would you rank your pain?” the nurse asked. “Ten thousand,” I said.

This Yom Kippur, Enter a Radically Different Place

I can conquer my inadequacies if I aim higher.

Inversion: Inspiring Jewish Quotes

A short collection of my favorite Jewish literary inversions.

The Piechotkas and the Wooden Synagogues of Poland

A tribute to the faithful, professional and humble work of the non-Jewish archivist couple.

Is Dayenu Really Enough?

The real meaning of one of the Passover seder's most popular songs.

Yes, Moses Speaks Directly to Me

I am not just connected to my roots. I am living them.

How to Talk to a Neo-Nazi

The anti-Semitic skinhead couldn't believe the kind storeowner was a Jew.

2020: A Year of Benefits and Better Habits

We all know the terrible losses and disruptions of 2020. It is worth enumerating the numerous benefits as well.

Was There a Hanukkah Miracle?

If ever there were evidence of supernatural intervention in human affairs, it would have to be in the realm of the medical.

Jewish Leadership During Cholera Epidemic, 1848

Life was at stake. A young Rabbi Yisrael Salanter was moved to take forceful action.

7-4-0-1: Tuvia Ariel's Incredible True Story

Why did these 4 digits keep reappearing in his life?


Tuvia Ariel’s amazing true story about a number from the Holocaust.

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