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Who was Rabbi Noach Weinberg?

May 8, 2009 | by Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein

His personality was larger than life, but his humility knew no human bounds.

He was a dry goods salesman who became the single most dynamic Jewish leader and original thinker in recent history.

He was fiercely loyal to the unbroken chain of classical Jewish thought and practice, but all the same proved to be the greatest innovator of Jewish philosophy of our times.

He was the most inexhaustible, indefatigable fighter for the Jewish People, yet would walk and even run away from power struggles and petty politics.

He possessed a great, overarching vision for the entire world but never lost sight of the everyday needs of the people he met.

He was a determined opponent of the status quo ante, but an even more determined defender of the eternal flame of Jewish survival.

His accent was pure and hard New York City, but his words were always mentally challenging and elegantly profound.

He asked the toughest questions, yet readily supplied the most intellectually and emotionally satisfying answers.

His personality was larger than life, but his humility knew no human bounds.

He was a masterful agitator for the rights of the oppressed and downtrodden, but built towering, permanent bridges which spanned every Jewish community.

He was more successful carrying out his dreams and ambitions than many a captain of industry, but moaned constantly about the even greater number that never saw the light of day.

He was quick to criticize and find fault with himself and his organization, but lavished generous praise upon, and even more importantly, learned much from the success of others.

He was the kind of genius that you come across rarely in the course of a lifetime, who had you convinced in minutes that you could do everything he did, only better.

He was dearly loved by more people than any man I have ever met.

He carried the weight of the Holocaust on his back every minute of every day, but served God with constant joy and jubilation.

He creatively broke the mold of everything he ever touched, but was the quintessential Rosh Hayeshiva.

He was willing to die a hundred deaths to save the Jewish People and tenaciously lived every minute of his adult life doing it.

He is physically with us no more, but his profound impact on every one us will last forever.

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