Rav Noah’s Torah

Rav Noah’s Gifts

Hardly a day passes that I don’t crave his wise advice and loving care.

Missing Rav Noah

Some reflections and lessons marking the third yahrzeit of the founder and dean of Aish HaTorah.

A Torah Scroll for Rav Noah

A fitting tribute to Rabbi Weinberg’s extraordinary legacy.

Eulogies marking the 1st yahrzeit of Rav Noah Weinberg zt"l

The following eulogies were given in the beis medrash of Aish HaTorah, Jan 25, 2010, Shvat 11.

A Great Leader

Like Moses, my father went out and saw the suffering of his people.

Rabbi Weinberg & Taking Responsibility

Rav Noah zt"l would expect us to use his first yahrtzeit to grow in our commitment to fight for the Jewish people.

Kaddish for My Father

It's been 11 months since my beloved father left this world.

Complete list of Eulogies

List of speakers with videos and audios.

Living with Our Souls

I can hear the echo of Rav Noach's words: You need to learn. You need to teach. You need to live with what you know.

Rav Noach's Students Remember, Part 4

Refugee of the Sixties, and doing something for Gilad.

Naming our Synagogue for Rabbi Weinberg

The Village Shul in Toronto pledges to uphold the lofty principles.

My Dear Father

You haven't been here for almost 30 days and it hurts so much.

Rav Noach's Students Remember, Part 3

Moving stories and reminiscences from students around the world.

Together We Carry

My last lesson from the Rosh Yeshiva.


Rav Noach Weinberg wasn't born a giant. He was born a human being who took God seriously.

We Were All His Favorite

Rav Noach made everyone feel that they had a personal and relationship with him.

Rav Noach's Students Remember, Part 2

Moving stories and reminiscences from students around the world.

Rabbi Weinberg's Genius in Torah

A few examples of Rabbi Weinberg's innovative approach in learning the depths of the Five Books of Moses.

Truth and Love

Rabbi Weinberg wanted leaders, not followers.

Reb Noah's Favorite Joke

Imagine what we could accomplish if we actually used our potential.

Rav Noach's Students Remember, Part One

Stories and reminiscences from students around the world.

Capturing Rav Noach

What was the essence of his greatness?

Our Father

Rav Noach was a giant in every sense of the word.

What the Angel Taught Me

Things I learned from my mentor, Rabbi Noach Weinberg, zt"l.

My Uncle, the Rosh Yeshiva

We awaited his 1000 watt smile and his trademark pinch on the cheek that said he truly loved us.

Get the Job Done

Reb Noach never settled for mediocrity.

The Love of Rabbi Noah Weinberg zt"l

Rav Naoch had the greatest ability to relate to every Jew, because he loved every Jew.

Who was Rabbi Noach Weinberg?

His personality was larger than life, but his humility knew no human bounds.

Summary of Eulogies in English - text

Summary of eulogies from funeral of HaGaon HaRav Yisrael Noach Weinberg Ztz"l

The Greatness of Rabbi Weinberg, zt"l

Rav Noah took responsibility for the entire Jewish people.

A Giant of a Man

Rav Noach was the most serious man I have ever met.

Bringing Back His Children

Rav Noach created a movement and changed Jewish life.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg: A Leader of Movements

Rabbi Weinberg's belief in the power of the individual empowered thousands to make a difference.

Vision and Leadership

Rav Noach Weinberg was one of the great Jewish leaders of our time.

My Final Encounter

What I learned during my last 10 minutes with Rabbi Weinberg.

Legacy of Wisdom

Invaluable insights for living received from Rav Noah Weinberg, zt"l.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

I Wanted that Fire

Rav Noach himself was the living embodiment of the fire of Torah.

Pieces of Wisdom

Every day since meeting Rabbi Weinberg and becoming his student, I have thanked God for this incredible merit.

A True Luminary

The Jewish people have lost a great leader and I have lost a mentor.

Seeing the Trains

Only the Rosh Yeshiva saw the trains. But we saw the Rosh Yeshiva and our lives were changed.

Next Steps