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Torah Teasers Parshat Vayahkel

Vayakhel (Exodus 35:1-38:20 )

by Moshe Erlbaum

6 challenging questions.

1. This parsha begins with Moshe assembling the entire congregation together (Exodus 35:1). What are two other places in the Torah where someone gathers together a congregation?

In parshas Korach, Korach gathers a rebellious congregation around Moshe and Aharon (Numbers 16:19). In parshas Chukas, Moshe and Aharon gather together the congregation before bringing forth water from the rock (Numbers 20:10).

2. In this parsha, what four types of jewelry do the Jews donate to the Mishkan?

The people bring "bracelets, nose rings, rings, and body jewelry" (Exodus 35:22).

3. In this parsha, what is done "every morning" (baboker baboker)? What else in the Torah is done "every morning"? (3 answers)

Bnei Yisrael continue to bring gifts to Moshe for the Tabernacle, "every morning" (baboker baboker) (Exodus 36:3). The same expression is used in the following three places: (1) In parshas Beshalach, describing when the Manna is collected (Exodus 16:21). (2) In parshas Tezaveh, when the Torah describes how Aharon burns the incense every morning (Exodus 30:7). (3) In parshas Tzav when the Torah describes how Aharon kindled wood every morning to keep a fire burning on the altar (Leviticus 6:5).

4. Where in this parsha are wings mentioned?

The cherubs had wings that spread over the Holy Ark (Exodus 37:9).

5. Which two items in the Tabernacle are made of one solid piece of gold? What other item, used in the desert, was fashioned from one solid piece of metal?

The cover and cherubs on top of the Holy Ark is made "of one banged out solid piece of gold" (Exodus 37:7), as is the Menorah (37:17) In parshas Beha'aolscha, Moshe is commanded to fashion two trumpets, each out of "one solid piece of banged out silver" (Numbers 10:1).

6. Which three items found in the Tabernacle are a perfect square?

The following items are shaped as squares: the Golden Altar (Exodus 37:25), the Copper Altar (38:1), and the breastplate (choshen) of the High Priest (39:9)

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