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Rabbi Yitzchak Zweig

Rabbi Yitzchak Zweig, author of Shabbat Shalom Weekly, Shabbat Shalom Fax of Life, is President/CEO of Talmudic University, the umbrella organization for a consortium of accredited schools ranging from pre-school through college and graduate school. The schools and their educational programs are located on three campuses in S. Florida and one in central Pennsylvania and are significant presences in the Jewish community.

Rabbi Zweig has developed many programs and initiatives to help strengthen the local South Florida Jewish community including the Miami Kosher Ko-Op; free of charge bereavement service; a free loan society for short term loans to needy individuals; two hospitality suites for families with members in the local hospitals; and several other community programs.

Shabbat Shalom Weekly, the Shabbat Fax of Life, is a weekly inspirational religious newsletter that is read by hundreds of thousands of readers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, worldwide every week. The Shabbat Shalom Weekly provides insights into personal growth, information on Jewish holidays, social commentary from a Torah perspective, and includes lessons from the weekly Torah portion and is available in English, and Spanish.

Rabbi Zweig has served and continues to serve on many local boards as well, and currently serves as a chaplain for the Miami Beach Fire Department.

Parsha: Toldot 5783: Thanksgiving and the Jews

Parsha: Chayei Sarah 5783: Grandchildren: God’s Compensation for Getting Old

Parsha: Vayeira 5783: Three Years Later

Parsha: Lech Lecha 5783: Failing Forward

Parsha: Noah 5783: Increase the Peace

Balak 5782: Why are Fast Days Usually Slow Days?

Parsha: Bereishis 5783: Order from Chaos

Parsha: Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah 5783: Seventh Heaven!

Parsha: Ha'azinu 5783: A Time for Unity!

Parsha: Vayelech 5783: Regret and Repent

Parsha: Nitzavim 5782: Begin with the End in Mind

Parsha: Ki Tavo 5782: Benedictions and Maledictions

Parsha: Ki Seitzei 5782: Here Comes the Sun

Parsha: Shoftim 5782: Law & Order

Parsha: Re'eh 5782: On the Arrogance of Man

Parsha: Eikev 5782: Bu-rning Questions

Parsha: Va’etchanan 5782: A for Effort

Parsha: Devarim 5782: Understanding Tisha B’Av

Parsha: Mattos-Masei 5782: For Heaven’s Sake!

Parsha: Pinchas 5782: Dream of Self-Esteem

Parsha: Balak 5782: Why are Fast Days Usually Slow Days?

Parsha: Chukat 5782: Let’s Play the Blame Game!

Parsha: Korach 5782: Visit to Lift the Spirit

Parsha: Shlach 5782: You REALLY Shouldn't Have!

Parsha: Beha'alosecha 5782: Campaign to Complain

Parsha: Naso 5782: Do Not Enter the Center

Parsha: Bamidbar 5782: Live and Learn!

Parsha: Bechukotai 5782: Divine Retribution

Parsha: Behar 5782: Working to Live or Living to Work?

Parsha: Emor 5782: Get a Grip on Friendship

Parsha: Kedoshim 5782: Separation Anxiety

Parsha: Passover Edition II 5782: It’s About the Love!

Parsha: Acharei Mot 5782: It’s Not About You!

Parsha: Passover Edition 5782: Don’t Pass-Over This!

Parsha: Metzora 5782: Trash and Treasure

Parsha: Tazria 5782: Time After Time

Parsha: Shemini 5782: An All Consuming Column

Parsha: Tzav 5782: The "Facts" of Life

Parsha: Vayikra 5782: Purim – The Rest of the Story!

Pekudei 5782: A Purim Story

Parsha: Vayakhel 5782: Make it Count

Parsha: Ki Tisa 5782: Making Sense of the Incense

Parsha: Tetzaveh 5782:The Crown of Secrecy

Parsha: Terumah 5782: No Knock on Wood

Parsha: Mishpatim 5782: Locus of Focus

Parsha: Yitro 5782: That Healing Feeling!

Parsha: Beshalach 5782: Enough is Enough!

Parsha: Bo 5782: American Jews or Jewish Americans?

Parsha: Shemot 5782: Of Silence and Violence

Parsha: Vayechi 5782: You're Doing It Wrong

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