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Rabbi Eli Glaser

Rabbi Glaser, CNWC, CWMS, helps people push themselves past their physical and emotional comfort zones each day as a weight-loss coach and nutrition consultant. He is the founder and director of Soveya, an organization providing coaching services and educational programs on nutrition, health and wellness to the Jewish world. He can be reached at: 1-888-8-SOVEYA (876-8392), www.soveya.com.

The Ultimate Marathoner

Rafael Shachar Weissberg ran a marathon every day without moving a foot.

The Running Rabbi

How I went from running to the smorgasbord to running a marathon.

Seeing the Trains

Only the Rosh Yeshiva saw the trains. But we saw the Rosh Yeshiva and our lives were changed.

Judaism and the 12-Step Program

Foundations for attaining life-long recovery.

Super-Sizing Me

How I lost 110 pounds -- one day at a time.

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