Apologizing for God

Many great thinkers consider the question "Why do bad things happen to good people?" to be the most perplexing question in philosophy and theology. Are there any truly good answers?

Everyone – and Everything – Is Going to Die, and That’s Okay

The fact that the Universe will inevitably come to an end seems pretty unsettling at first glance. Are there any good reasons to be optimistic despite it?

What Does It Mean To Be Good?

Most of us consider ourselves to be "good" but how do we truly know? Is there any objective standard? Dr. Massimo Pigliucci skillfully tackles this important question and others.

Music is Not Normal

Why do we love music? Is there something deeper than sound?

You’re Not Who You Think You Are

If someone else's personality was somehow uploaded into your brain, would you then be that person?

Can Science Prove There’s No Free Will? Can Anything?

How sure are you that you have free will? How would you go about proving it?

What if Reality ISN'T Real?

Dr. Donald Hoffman has made the astounding discovery that everything that we experience through our senses is an illusion. Space and time do not exist and consciousness is the true building block of reality.

Smile, the Universe Has a Cause

Is it possible to prove that the Universe had a beginning? Many philosophical arguments have been put forth over thousands of years but do they still hold water?

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